Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
Picture for Leveling Up Pizza
Blueberries are the must-have ingredient for trend-forward sweet-savory combos
Picture for Quality Quorn
Picture for From Spice to Sizzle
Exploring global ingredients and meat marvels
Picture for A Swicy Playbook
Give guests more of the sweet and spicy combination they can’t get enough of
Picture for All In With Ajika
This Georgian condiment is poised to make moves on American menus
Picture for Creative Ways into Seafood Cakes
Reel in guests with trend-forward takes on a craveable classic
Picture for Worldly A-Peel
Getting at the root of global flavors with onions
Picture for Behind the Sauce
Picture for Mash-Up Magic
Elevating global flavors using McCain Mini Mashers™ Potato Bites
Picture for Getting Your Just Desserts
The simple joy of sweet
Picture for Pasta Tells a Story…With Chef Leonardo Maurelli III
Pasta serves as the familiar base in each of these innovative, flavorful dishes.
Picture for Grilling With Brown Butter
Elevating grilled items with this trending ingredient’s nutty, savory and rich flavor
Picture for Color’s Evolving Role in Menu Development
Discover how color is becoming more crucial than ever, as innovative menu developers explore unconventional ways to surprise and delight diners.
Picture for Unpacking Three Peanut-Based Sauces
Southeast Asia offers a trio of on-trend sauces primed for mainstream menus
Picture for Grazing Matters
American sheep are stewards of the land
Picture for Drinks That Bring the Heat
Spicy sippers tingle the palate and excite the senses
Picture for Caribbean Fusion
At Mi Roti at San Antonio's Bottling Department Food Hall at the Pearl, Chefs Nicola and Lionel “Butch” Blache serve up Caribbean-inspired street foods
Picture for 3 Pasta Trends to Watch
A culinary passion for pasta is always on trend
Picture for Hot Topics in Foodservice
What are the issues driving trends and sparking conversation in F&B today?
Picture for Batter Up!
Ready-to-bake batters can help you launch, expand or transform your baked goods program
Picture for Vegetables on Fire
Ignite menu offerings with bold Asian flavors
Picture for 3 Essential Latin Sauces
Explore these versatile sauces that bring a world of flavor to the table
Picture for Some Like It Hot
Capturing the flavor complexity of dried peppers without any back-of-house burn
Picture for Mushroom “Scallops” Over Lentil & Boiled Peanut Ragu
This creation yielded a trifecta of creative plant-based concepts, showcasing peanuts’ value as an alternative protein option.
Picture for Peanut Dukka-Dusted Shrimp With Peanut Tamale
Picture for Suya Beef Skewers Over Maafe Peanut Stew
Picture for Moqueca With Jaggery Peanut Sauce
Picture for Grilled Flat Iron Steak With Brown Butter Peanut Sauce
Picture for 5 Winning Builds
Chefs showcase peanuts’ menu-building potential
Picture for Sauce Innovations
Two fresh approaches to sauces
Picture for Switching Up Negronis, Part 2
Six more ways to modernize the classic
Picture for Enter the Nogroni
The classic cocktail takes on new flavors
Picture for The Summer Negroni
The classic cocktail takes on new flavors
Picture for Sippable Swaps
The classic cocktail takes on new flavors
Picture for A Fruity, Floral, Frothy Negroni
The classic cocktail takes on new flavors
Picture for A Fun, Savory, Funky Take
The classic cocktail takes on new flavors
Picture for Seriously Spirit-Free
The classic cocktail takes on new flavors
Picture for Three Flavor Systems to Watch
Adding creative fuel to flavor innovation
Picture for Elevate With Onions
Leverage an old favorite to craft new, flavor-forward dishes
Picture for Back to Its Birthplace
Picture for This Negroni is Irie
Picture for Negroni With a Twist
The classic cocktail takes on new flavors
Picture for A Negroni by Way of India
The classic cocktail takes on new flavors
Picture for A Negroni of a Different Color
Picture for Switching Up Negronis, Part 1
Five creative takes on the classic cocktail
Picture for Pizza Trends to Watch
Prepare to be inspired as we highlight unique pizza concepts that demonstrate broader trends in flavor building and consumer preferences.
Picture for Exploring Wafu Pasta…With Chef Ian Ramirez
Cacio e pepe meets briny umami decadence
Picture for 3 Pasta Trends to Watch
A culinary passion for pasta is always on trend
Picture for Leveling Up Classics
Picture for Going Bananas
Picture for Sandwich Star
Picture for Flavor Postcard: Amsterdam
A quick tour of inspiring bites and sips
Picture for Flavor Postcard: Amsterdam
Picture for Future Menu Trends
Picture for Future Menu Trends
Picture for Coloring It In
Picture for A Dollop of Flavor
Picture for Meat Lover’s Dream
New frontiers in meat-centric pizza builds
Picture for Finding Opportunity in the Smash Taco Craze
TikTok opens the door to a craveable new mash-up
Picture for Three Ways to Raise Your Mexican Flavor Game
Versatile products that enhance flavor and reduce BOH complexity are key
Picture for Three Trends Driving Beverage Innovation
Three beverage trends making a splash right now!
Picture for Spicing Up Salads
Global heat introductions are a means to invigorate this evergreen category
Picture for Modern Moves With Tofu
Embracing the versatility of this plant-based protein
Picture for The Case for a Good Cause
Building purpose around a purchase
Picture for Mini to the Max
Seize the menu potential of new poppable potato bites
Picture for 6 New Moves With Breakfast Hash
Maximizing this versatile, comfort-centric dish
Picture for Honey Gochujang Korean Chicken Wings
Our chefs weighed in on multiple topics, from inspiration to trends to the powerful language of food.
Picture for Three Flavors to Watch
Explore the menu potential of emerging global ingredients.
Picture for A Game of Sticks
Skewered meats paired with game answer the call for adventure
Picture for Skewering Summer
Seasonal appetizers featuring trend-forward meat skewers are a smart menu play
Picture for Brunch-abilities Abound
Meat on sticks bring a fun, interactive vibe to brunch
Picture for Sticks on ‘Cue
Asian stylings build a compelling flavor story on skewer-style pork dishes
Picture for Leading By Example
Finding inspiration in the modern menu moves of a generous peer community
Picture for Catching the Trends
Harnessing food trends for quick-turnaround LTOs
Picture for Deliver the Unexpected
Our chefs weighed in on multiple topics, from inspiration to trends to the powerful language of food.
Picture for Sustainability on the Menu
California dairy’s planet-smart strategies deliver menu-smart advantages
Picture for Sweet Heat's Next Moves
Two leading chefs share their insights on how the sweet-heat trend can bring a new level of creativity and craveability to menus.
Picture for Cheesesteak Remix
A few creative moves take this Philly classic beyond the bun
Picture for Blazing Breakfast Bowls
Fire up appetites with strategic hits of heat in this always-trending format
Picture for Flavor Innovator: Rafi Taherian
Maeve Webster talks to a culinary director at a top university as he shares insights on this generation’s dining preferences and flavor profiles
Picture for Bread Winner
When creating craveable, quality handhelds, start with the bread
Picture for ‘Tis the Season to Dine OUT
Amplify the pleasures of outdoor dining with craveable queso-based signatures
Picture for Down to Business
A relaxed afternoon off-site dining atmosphere is becoming the ideal setting for an imaginative menu mix
Picture for Mexican Is on the Move
Expand your culinary point of view with boldly flavored premium meat toppings
Picture for Flavor Innovator: Kajsa Alger
Chef Kajsa Alger of Veggie Grill dives into effective flavor-building techniques and surprising ingredient combinations that make plant-based menu items signature and craveable.
Picture for Crafting Opportunity
Cultivating culinary vibes during shoulder hours and late night
Picture for Serious Bacon Snacks
Shareables loaded with bacon win the day
Picture for Snackable Sandwiches
The ideal menu item for those shoulder and late-night hours
Picture for Flavor Innovator: Nate Weir
Cathy Nash Holley sits down with Nate Weir, VP of Culinary for Modern Restaurant Concepts for a lively discussion on savvy flavor strategies
Picture for 3 Mexican Handhelds to Watch
Chefs are spinning these craveable classics into modern menu stars
Picture for Give Avocados the Greenlight
Take the express to menu success by moving avocados forward in your lineup
Picture for 3 Pizza Trends to Watch
Exploring the opportunity within these craveable styles of pizza
Picture for Bar Snacks on Fire
Fiery bites that pack a memorable punch are a means to elevate your bar bites game
Picture for 10 Ways with Cacio e Pepe
Leveraging this popular, tried-and-true flavor system and moving it into a variety of menu items
Picture for Evolution of the Modern Steakhouse
Guests can expect a balance of classic approaches and expectation-defying inspiration on today’s steakhouse menus
Picture for Potatoes Made for Popping
A craveable new option for those who like to play with their food
Picture for Open Sesame
Modern takes on an ancient ingredient
Picture for Serve Up Endless Satisfaction
Picture for Dress Up With Mustard
Make modern moves with mustard-based dressings
Picture for Mustard’s Super Power
This familiar condiment offers serious versatility with on-trend appeal
Picture for Next-Level Rubs and Marinades
Leveraging mustard varieties for signature meat-centric menus
Picture for Three Moves With Mustard
Punch up dishes with these mustard-based condiments
Picture for Green With Envy
Take inspiration from innovative salad builds
Picture for Trends in Barbecue Sauce
Chefs put their own spins on classic barbecue while introducing consumers to the country’s wide array of on-trend regional variations
Picture for Rings on Fire
Spark onion ring innovation through creative and craveable flavor play in batters, formats and finishes.
Picture for Barbecue Sauce Amps Up Salads
Picture for Regional Barbecue Pizza
Picture for Carolina Gold
Picture for #1 in Texas
Picture for Hit the Sauce
Picture for Saba Subs In
Picture for Hotter & Hotter
Picture for East Meets West
Picture for Something for Everyone—With a Twist
Flavor innovation proves the sauce is still boss
Picture for Get Ready for Tlayuda
This Mexican shareable is primed for American menus
Picture for Egg-centric Asian Breakfast Trends
12 creative ideas for three menu favorites
Picture for Chicken Sandwiches 3.0
The next iteration leverages bold Asian flavors and spicier builds
Picture for And the Crowd Goes Wild
Top tier sporting events create menu opportunities to win big with fans
Picture for Mastering the Grilled Cheese
Modern approaches to achieve crispy, punchy, gooey and meaty perfection
Picture for The Heat Is On
Chefs pack a punch with pepper-driven sauces and condiments
Picture for French Onion Makes Moves
Leveraging this classic soup as a proven flavor system
Picture for Asian-Inspired Handhelds Wake Up Menus
Breakfast and brunch get a hit of inspiration from trending flavors and formats
Picture for The Chicken Sandwich Wars Rage On
Spice, slaws and plant-based proteins offer tactical advantages to raise your flavor game
Picture for Turkey Reimagined
Picture for Porridge 2.0
Asian stylings are propelling a humble breakfast offering into new realms
Picture for Global Spins on Breakfast Favorites
Latin and Asian mash-ups bring new flavor experiences to morning menus
Picture for Raging Noodles
Global heat kicks this favorite format up a notch
Picture for Where’s the Beef? Everywhere!
Steaks share the spotlight as other premium beef dishes make moves on modern menus
Picture for Wafu Italian: Cross-Cultural Opportunities Abound
The craft of thoughtful flavor calibration makes this “borderless” cuisine one to watch
Picture for Flavor Discoveries: Part 2
Menu inspiration from chefs across the country
Picture for Pick-Up Sticks
Menu inspirations for skewered meats
Picture for Six Ways With Empanadas
Creative ways into the savory pie trend
Picture for Merquen
Merquen typically sees a combination of dried and smoked aji cacho de cabra (a chile pepper also known as goat’s horn red pepper), salt and ground coriander.
Picture for Candied Jalapeño
Closing out the year with menu inspiration from chefs across the country
Picture for Truffle Basque Cheesecake
Closing out the year with menu inspiration from chefs across the country
Picture for Sapa/Saba
Closing out the year with menu inspiration from chefs across the country
Picture for Plankton Powder
Closing out the year with menu inspiration from chefs across the country
Picture for Koji-Infused Beef Fat
Closing out the year with menu inspiration from chefs across the country
Picture for Yuzu Kosho
Closing out the year with menu inspiration from chefs across the country
Picture for Old Bay
Closing out the year with menu inspiration from chefs across the country
Picture for Mad for Mazemen
No broth needed in this mix-your-own flavor explosion
Picture for 10 Beverage Builders: Brunch Cocktail Makeover
Update reliable classics with modern flavor touches
Picture for Red Shiso Leaf
Closing out the year with menu inspiration from chefs across the country
Picture for Kumquat
Closing out the year with menu inspiration from chefs across the country
Picture for Garum
Closing out the year with menu inspiration from chefs across the country
Picture for Get Inspired for Brunch
Want your restaurant to be the go-to choice for brunch? Offer flavorful dishes showcasing fresh beef and pork. You can find innovative menu ideas for entrees and side dishes at https://tysonfreshmeats.com/foodservice-news.
Picture for Pyrolysis
Closing out the year with menu inspiration from chefs across the country
Picture for Flavor Discoveries: Part 1
Scouting trends in this emerging food destination town
Picture for Purple Sweet Potato
Picture for Lentils
Closing out the year with menu inspiration from chefs across the country
Picture for World Renown
Gain a global edge with versatile plant-based proteins.
Picture for Flavor Postcard: San Antonio
Scouting trends in this emerging food destination town
Picture for Pasta Wins…With Chef Alex Hoefer
Culinary creativity plus ease of execution adds up to menu success
Picture for Giving Gen Z the World
Look to beans for global flavor play
Picture for Gen Z: Ready for the World
Menuing global flavors is the pathway to this generation
Picture for Global Pasta-bilities
Modern pasta applications carry intriguing Asian flavors and mash-ups
Picture for Salad Showstopper
A bit further out of San Antonio's downtown core, John Russ, executive chef and co-owner, entices diners at the eclectic Clementine
Picture for Fancy Toad in the Hole
On the fine-dining end of the spectrum, Executive Chef Steve McHugh’s Landrace opened in San Antonio's new Thompson Hotel last year showcasing Texas ingredients
Picture for Mushroom Ceviche
Pharm Table is equally Insta-worthy, with colorful, plant-based brunch menu options like smoked local mushroom ceviche with tamari leche de tigre
Picture for Move Over Cruffin
La Panaderia, which fills its bakery cases with traditional Mexican sweet breads like pan de muerto, is a must-visit morning stop in San Antonio
Picture for Tableside Decadence
In a revamped former brewery complex that has become San Antonio's central culinary destination, Brasserie Mon Chou Chou is a slightly irreverent French brasserie where locals and visitors sip cocktails like the best-selling French Pink Fairy
Picture for A Savory Take on Mochi
Fusion is in evidence at Best Quality Daughter in dishes like the mochi cheddar hush puppies, featuring Japanese mochi with Brazilian pao de queijo
Picture for Opportunities With Plant-Based Tuna
Discovering creative pathways to plant-forward menus
Picture for Flavor Postcard: San Antonio
Scouting trends in this emerging food destination town
Picture for A Fish Tale
Chefs are crafting a flavor story with plant-based fish that consumers can hook into
Picture for Swimming in Opportunity
Salmon’s mainstream popularity is spawning an influx of plant-based innovation
Picture for Who Ya Calling Shrimp?!
Plant-based shrimp satisfies seafood cravings and generates buzz
Picture for A Little Clarity on Clarified Butter
Let one advantage lift another when you choose Land O’Lakes® Clarified Butter
Picture for Next-Level Burrata
San Antonio's Dough Pizzeria Napoletana has been serving Association of Neapolitan Pizzaioli-certified pies since 2007
Picture for Eastern-Med Chilaquiles
At Box Street Social, which started life as a food truck in San Antonio, the all-day brunch menu gives chilaquiles an Eastern-Med makeover
Picture for Tapping the Traditions of the Mexican Kitchen
Leverage the signature flavor profiles of three classic dishes
Picture for Making Proteins Sing with Spicy Marinades
Picture for Piquant Pizza
Bold flavors on pizza pies are hitting the sweet spot for Gen Z diners
Picture for Trading Up with Premium Beef
Applying the value and versatility of hand-selected beef cuts across the menu
Picture for Making a Difference
From seed to package, sustainability has multiple layers at Gills Onions
Picture for Carrying Flavor With Protein-Rich Pasta
Plant-based and protein-rich noodles and pasta become menu game-changers
Picture for Breakfast Bocadillos
Translating next-gen flavors for successful cold-coffee beverage menus
Picture for Bocadillo Dippers
Translating next-gen flavors for successful cold-coffee beverage menus
Picture for Boca Bites
Translating next-gen flavors for successful cold-coffee beverage menus
Picture for Fall for Bocadillos
Translating next-gen flavors for successful cold-coffee beverage menus
Picture for Sweet Sensations
Signature creations, both classic and contemporary, make for memorable meals and return visits
Picture for National Pasta Month…With Chef Joe Natoli
Celebrating pasta with trend-forward recipe builds
Picture for Monin Culinary Creations
Add flavorful innovation across your menu with Monin
Picture for Just Add Coffee
Four breakfast condiments get a creative coffee upgrade
Picture for Buzz-Worthy Desserts
Next-level coffee flavors bring new excitement to dessert menus
Picture for Coffee Accents
Leveraging this versatile flavoring agent in savory menu development
Picture for Chilling Out
Translating next-gen flavors for successful cold-coffee beverage menus
Picture for International Intrigue
Put the power of the global pantry to work with the help of versatile proteins
Picture for A Flavor Affair
The 2022 Flavor Experience explored the power of flavor through engaging content, impactful food and beverage, and meaningful connections
Picture for Tailor your menu to each generation
Picture for Achiote Inspirations
This distinctive flavor builder brightens up menus with rich color and global flair
Picture for Power Plants
Chefs leverage key attributes of legume pastas in plant-forward menu builds
Picture for Fermented Frenzy
Discovering new frontiers in funky flavor profiles
Picture for What Are the Top Appetizers in Demand This Season?
Sharable appetizers should be a priority strategy for restaurants wanting to improve ticket values during this time of the year.
Picture for Heating Up Tacos
Six ways to bring in bold flavor touches
Picture for Ingenuity in Action
Cool and cutting-edge menu concepts featuring California cheese
Picture for Gills Onions and Sustainability
Picture for The Unsung Hero
Gills Onions proves the humble allium is a powerhouse menu-maker with a backstory to boot
Picture for Pesto Possibilities
Unique textural treatments and global flavors make modern salads craveable
Picture for Fired Up
Open-flame cooking imparts the essence of tropical cooking styles
Picture for Tropical Treatments
Hitting meat-centric dishes with creative, craveable flavor combinations
Picture for Mango Mania
Savory applications that harness the power of this popular tropical fruit
Picture for 10 Mini Escapes
Creating a tropical getaway with bold flavored small bites
Picture for The Cure for the Common Salad
Unique textural treatments and global flavors make modern salads craveable
Picture for Monin Floral Blends
Make your beverages bloom!
Picture for ¿Que es Queso?
Tell a new flavor story in celebration of National Queso Day, September 20
Picture for Global Savory Pies
Savory hand pies take patrons on flavor exploration to discover new experiences
Picture for One Ingredient, Five Signatures
Chefs rely on pimiento cheese to work hard for them across their menus
Picture for Building a Better Onion
Peeling away the layers of this menu workhorse
Picture for 4 Ways to Build Crave in Fried Chicken Sandwiches
Taking this trending handheld to the next level
Picture for Need a Great Sriracha Sauce? We Got CHA!
Picture for Collaborate to Innovate
Are you taking advantage of premium partnerships available with the California Avocado Commission and other commodity boards?
Picture for Hand Pies at Breakfast
Portability and versatility make savory pies a morning star
Picture for Wrap It Up
Regional favorites rolled into savory hand pies
Picture for Filipino Flavors…With Chef Roy Villacrusis
Leveraging pasta as a foundation for global cuisines
Picture for Bolder Comfort
Dig into global trends to showcase dessert innovation starring banana
Picture for The Ripe Time for Banana
Different stages yield exciting opportunities for savory menus
Picture for Bananas Take the Pancake
Six ways to upgrade this breakfast favorite with fresh banana
Picture for Banana-rific Infusions
Contemporary builds leverage banana’s newfound celebrity status
Picture for Andouille Ups the Ante
Craveable flavors and menu versatility help make this spice-forward sausage poised to break beyond its Cajun roots
Picture for Boosted Chicken Wings: 5 Ways In
Versatile heat stylings pack a flavorful punch
Picture for Sriracha Remains a Top-Trending Sauce
Capitalize on consumers’ interest in condiments offering familiar profiles with a kick of heat
Picture for Putting the OMG in LTOs: Matador Room
Australian grassfed steak and a killer presentation puts the OMG in this LTO at a Miami hot-spot
Picture for Sea Solutions
Plant-based shrimp provides an alternative for forward-looking restaurants.
Picture for Do More With Dairy
Gain the competitive edge with high-performing dairy products
Picture for Food Halls Brew Coffee Trends
Food-hall concepts offer a glance at trend-forward coffee drinks
Picture for Greek Touches, Big Impressions
Creative flavor strategies yield modern, signature pizzas
Picture for Dipping into Greek
Three Greek dips offer endless menu play
Picture for Summer of Souvlaki
Heat up summer menus with Greek-style skewered meats and dips
Picture for Greek-Style Brunch
Modern breakfast and brunch menus practically beg for Greek flavor mash-ups
Picture for Sausage for the Win
Leverage beloved bratwurst in trend-forward global builds
Picture for Good Morning, Vietnam
How pandan, Vietnamese waffles and breakfast banh mi are reinvigorating morning menus
Picture for Honey. We Like It Hot.
Two ingredients, endless menu applications
Picture for Has to Be Jalapeño
6 ways to heat up burger menus with this beloved pepper
Picture for Modern-Day Pasta Solutions
Pre-cooked and line-ready, frozen pasta is Barilla’s new best-in-class innovation
Picture for No Stress, No Tears
The modest onion provides prep advantages for your kitchen and flavor solutions for your menu
Picture for Flavors From Afar: Ice Cream
Global intrigue with an American favorite
Picture for Tell a Story with Salt
Global salt varietals weave provenance into a flavor story
Picture for 10 Ways with Salted Bar Snacks
Finishing salts impart notable big flavor on small bites
Picture for Flavor Makers: Infused Salts
Sea salts spiked with heat, smoke or citrus lend serious lift to menus
Picture for Flavor Watch: Black Lava Salt
Introducing this exotic bold beauty across the menu
Picture for Bold Breakfast Sandwiches
Strategic applications of heat wake up morning menus
Picture for Heat Up Summer Sales
A winning flavor to be used across your menu
Picture for Totally Rad Cocktails
Taking guests back in time with reimagined 1980s cocktails
Picture for Putting the OMG in LTOs: Modern Restaurant Concepts
Spring-seasonality and grassfed Australian beef puts the OMG in this LTO
Picture for The Season Provides a Reason
Leverage the seasonality and premium quality of fresh California Avocados
Picture for The Free Resource You’re Not Using Enough
Lean on commodity board support to kickstart innovation and energize your menu
Picture for Innovating with Seasonality
Celebrating regional and seasonal highlights with fresh California Avocados
Picture for Unexpectedly Boursin
A singular cheese inspires a multitude of trend-forward menu ideas
Picture for From Deli to Charcuterie
Four classic sandwiches transform into modern charcuterie presentations
Picture for Trending Condiments
Charcuterie’s secret weapon may very well be its accoutrements
Picture for Appetizer Boards
Inspired by charcuterie, these shareables offer guests something new
Picture for Charcuterie To Go
Fresh ideas for cones, cups and boxes designed for off-premise menus
Picture for Seafood's Modern Hook
Taking a strategic approach to seafood-centric bowl builds
Picture for Pizza and Beyond
Picture for Menu Trends Worth Trying
Picture for Savory Pasta Bakes…With Chef Kevin Felice
Picture for Craveable Heat
Kick up the heat level with trending flavors and textural touches
Picture for Coming in Hot: Loaded Fries
Kick up the heat level with trending flavors and textural touches
Picture for Oysters: Flavor on the Half Shell
Simple and delicious, oysters are having a moment
Picture for Global Pies
Indian-inspired pizzas pave a pathway for flavor innovation
Picture for Flavor Discovery: Laksa
Spiced and fermented, this Indian beverage offers assertive flavor and functional benefits
Picture for Putting the OMG in LTOs: Mi'Talia
Chef Janine Booth gives pizza night a global spin with Australian lamb
Picture for Mac and Cheese on Fire
Strategic use of heat makes this comfort-food favorite a flaming success
Picture for Sandwich Trends: Mexico Inspires
Reinventing three classic sandwiches with bold Mexican flavors
Picture for More Mexican, Please
Delivering authentic flavor with a modern prep approach
Picture for Salsa Showcase
Flavor play with six trending salsas
Picture for Cheese-centric Comfort
Tap Mexican-style cheeses for modern menu hits
Picture for Four Takes on Huevos Rancheros
Serving up Mexican comfort at breakfast and brunch with signature moves
Picture for “Simple As…” Easy Menu Builders
An exciting new menu-idea series from Texas Pete®
Picture for 5 Steak Sauces, Updated
Trend-forward flavor play gives these classics a fresh look
Picture for Optimizing Pasta
Latest innovations help chefs ease labor crunch
Picture for Whatta Catch!
Plant-based shrimp offers menu-development solutions
Picture for Monin's 2022 Flavor of the Year
Feed your passion for incredible flavor with Monin’s 2022 Flavor of the Year!
Picture for Cheese Makes the Trend
Chefs source Bel Brands’ crowd-pleasing flavors and innovative products to develop trend-forward menus
Picture for No Passport Necessary
Beans carry flavorful inspiration beyond borders
Picture for Stack Up
New foodservice-sized lasagne sheets lay the foundation for innovation
Picture for Putting the OMG in LTOs:  Sedgefield Country Club
In the hands of Chef James Patterson, Australian lamb racks get the tableside service treatment
Picture for A Roundup of Flavor Discoveries
Playing with new flavors keeps culinary intellect sharp
Picture for Sweet Skills
Restaurant promotions showcase the versatility of sweet potatoes
Picture for How a meat-obsessed chef makes plant-based dishes, well, meaty
Picture for Flavor Takeaways
Flavor inspirations from the recent Worlds of Flavor conference
Picture for Inspiring Possibilities with Blueberries
Find your new favorite blueberry format
Picture for Trio of Temptations
Soups, salads, and sandwiches combine to make memorable meals
Picture for Signature Seafood Builds
Three ways seafood can elevate menu offerings
Picture for Breakfast Scrambles
A new line of ready-to-use breakfast cups offers back-of-house ease
Picture for A.M. Quick Fix
Introducing easy solutions for morning menus
Picture for Marinade Matters
While rarely featured on a menu marquee, marinades play a crucial supporting role in flavor builds
Picture for Four Chefs: Four Cheesy Stories
Meeting the demand for plant-based fare with vegan cheeses that taste great and melt well
Picture for Twisting Thai
Cocktails inspired by Thai tea are serving up both whimsy and intrigue
Picture for Thai Tea & Coffee—10 Ways
Tea and coffee cultures unite for a specialty beverage bonanza
Picture for Sweet on Thai Tea
Desserts with an exotic Thai-style beverage makeover
Picture for Sweet And Spicy
Bundling Thai tea with spicy dishes introduces menu pairings for a new age
Picture for Channeling Comfort
Global noodle dishes offer a friendly base for pushing boundaries
Picture for Bowl-ed Over with Possibilities
Transforming favorite handhelds into bowls
Picture for 4 Tips On Winning With Your Next LTO!
Texas Pete® helps you build LTOs
Picture for Flat-Out Fantastic
Trend-forward menu inspirations for a versatile and prep-friendly portfolio of flatbreads
Picture for 4 Meat-centric Menu Hits
With signature flavor, these dishes deliver soulful comfort that diners yearn for when temperatures drop
Picture for Broth Bowls Break Out
Four fast casuals showcase the opportunity in this trending category
Picture for Soup Strategies
Building signature flavors in a bowl of comfort
Picture for Fire-Roasted Tortilla Soup
Southwest flavors are made signature in this creative soup build
Picture for Feelin’ Saucy
Signature sauces move menus
Picture for The Heat of the Moment
Spicy dipping sauces create a pathway to flavor innovation
Picture for Beef Cacciatore & Fire Roasted Vegetables
Transforming comfort into signature
Picture for 3 Breakfast Wins, 3 Ways
Morning opportunities inspired by later dayparts
Picture for 8 Pork-centric Sandwiches To Fall For
Meaty meets seasonal in these craveable grilled cheese sandwiches
Picture for The Midwest’s Sandwich Star
Pork’s answer to the fried chicken sandwich
Picture for “B” is for Brisket
Breakfast brisket sandwiches are heating up morning menus
Picture for Attention Grabbing Arepas
South American sandwiches are winning over menus
Picture for Asian Noodle Inspirations
Four noodle dishes to bet on
Picture for Putting the OMG in LTOs: J. Gilbert’s
Bone-in Aussie lamb gets the steakhouse treatment in the hands of Chef Michael Slavin
Picture for Blue Cheese Burger
Condiments bring a Wagyu beef burger to a whole new level
Picture for Boursin Brings Versatility
Chefs take the newest Boursin cheese products for a test ride and share their takeaways
Picture for The Meat of the Matter
Sandwiching meat-centric builds with on-trend bread carriers
Picture for Next-level Breads
Fusion baking hits today’s mark for differentiated menus
Picture for Toast of the Town
Upscale toasts and breads are “loaded” with menu opportunity
Picture for Bountiful Bread Bundles
Life beyond the traditional bread basket
Picture for Noodling Trend-Forward Menu Solutions
Using noodles for on-trend menu offerings with back-of-house solutions
Picture for Meal Kit Mania
Targeted ways to tighten your meal kit strategy
Picture for Getting Ready for The Gameday Rush?
Getting Ready for The Gameday Rush? Texas Pete® Is on Your Team
Picture for Blueberries are the Belle of Breakfast
Sweet and savory blueberry solutions deliver on consumer demands
Picture for Signature Flavor: What a Croque
Blueberry powder adds color and flavor, while a savory blueberry compote is the hero of this croque
Picture for Speed Dating For Cocktails
Classic cocktails meet the bubbly personality of hard seltzer
Picture for 6 Ways To Go Hard With Desserts
Adding the buzz of hard seltzer to sweet treats
Picture for Hard Seltzer Hybrids
The best of both worlds combine to invigorate beverage menus
Picture for 8 Ways To Make Hard Seltzer Your Own
Adding in-house flavor touches for refreshing signaturization
Picture for Have Cheese, Will Travel
Hispanic-style cheeses effortlessly cross border in Cal-Mex cuisine
Picture for Mind Your Peas... and Cues
Pea and hempseed milks make their way into modern menu development
Picture for On The Workbench: Coconut, Cashew & Almond Milks
Exploring versatility in this trio of dairy alternatives
Picture for Oat Milk Makes Bigger Moves
Exploring the potential of this versatile dairy alternative
Picture for 10 Modern Uses For Plant Milks
Making dressings, dips and sauces work for flexitarian menus
Picture for Sweet Something To Go
Modern flavor combinations in fun formats that move
Picture for Don’t Forget Takeout. It’s Not Going Away.
Takeout continues to trend. Here’s how Texas Pete® can help.
Picture for Positively Pickled
Colorful and flavorful, quick-pickled blueberries offer multiple menu wins
Picture for Pimento Hits the Road
Four chefs leverage this cheese’s broad popularity and take it in new directions
Picture for Triple Threat
Dial up crave factor in sandwiches, soups and salads with pork
Picture for Roasted Vegetable Stuffed Poblano video
Picture for Soup's New Flavor Builder
Upgrade and upsell soup with sea greens
Picture for Build Flavor into 5 Go-to Condiments
Dialing up flavor with a list of creative culinary strategies
Picture for Seeing Green
Leveraging the power of seaweed on plant-forward menus
Picture for The New Surf & Turf
An unexpected flavor match brings out the best in each other
Picture for Frozen Blueberries Deliver a Delicious and Adaptable Compote
Cost-efficient, consistent, labor-saving solutions
Picture for Mornings & More
Rely on breakfast’s “big three” for all-day menu innovation
Picture for Breakfast Wins in Takeout
Exploring two growth areas for one big opportunity
Picture for Sun’s Out. Buns Out.
The data speaks for itself. Burgers are a hot ticket item for summer and more people are putting hot sauce on them.
Picture for Ready For Action
Using fully-cooked meats saves time and money, helping chefs focus on menu innovation
Picture for Tacos Guisados
Mexican comfort as a carrier of modern flavor and menu strategy
Picture for Introducing Johnsonville Sausage Strips
Whoa, This Changes Everything
Picture for Frozen Blueberries Deliver with Cooked Grains, Salads and more
Cost-efficient, consistent, labor-saving solutions
Picture for Meats for Mornings & More
Chefs share insights, ideas and recipes for using the "big 3" ingredients
Picture for Frozen Blueberries in Baked Goods
Cost-efficient, consistent, labor-saving solutions
Picture for King's Hawaiian at Treaty Oak
Using an iconic brand to elevate 6 dishes
Picture for Win With Mushrooms
Create a recipe using The Blend™ for a chance to win $10K and a showcase in Food Network Magazine
Picture for Pimento Power
Double down on comfort by featuring pimento cheese on mainstream menu stars
Picture for Pimento Cheese Moves Into Breakfast
Comforting, craveable and versatile, this trending ingredient is energizing the morning daypart
Picture for Take A Dip
Leveraging pimento cheese’s crave factor in modern dip applications
Picture for Playful Pimento
Tapping into the culinary chameleon of cheese spreads
Picture for Making Texture Count
Strategic use of high-impact finishes helps ensure a winning to-go item
Picture for The Savory Side Of Dairy-Free Alternatives
Ripple is the plant-based dairy alternative your savory dishes have been looking for
Picture for Flavor Discovery: Kanji
Spiced and fermented, this Indian beverage offers assertive flavor and functional benefits
Picture for Florals are Blooming
A new trio of floral syrups adds an easy boost of exceptional flavor
Picture for Six Ways to Punch Up Flavor
Developing a host of trend-forward menu items while maximizing one new SKU
Picture for Beneficial Beverages
Immunity boosts make both non-alc and alcoholic drinks appealing
Picture for Go With Your Gut
Menuing on-trend bowl builds with gut health “heroes” that support immunity
Picture for Marvelous Mushrooms
Propelled by their immunity-boosting powers, mushrooms are stepping into the limelight
Picture for Super-charged Soup
Takes on immunity-boosting soup fortifies modern menus
Picture for 5 Ways to Kick Up Modern Sauces
Flavor innovation here gives menus a competitive advantage in the to-go game
Picture for Leveling Up Salads With Grapes
Easy menu ideas to up the salad game
Picture for Dairy-free Done Right
Plant-based dairy alternative Ripple effortlessly enhances everything on your menu
Picture for Blissful Brunch Bakes
Extending the appeal of brunch menus with comforting and dynamic bakes
Picture for Back to the Future
Reinventing old school casseroles into trend-forward bakes
Picture for Interactive Bakes
Curating a personalized restaurant experience in the home of your guests
Picture for Veg-Centric Bakes
Homestyle savory bakes translate beautifully into plant-forward offerings
Picture for Next-level Slaws & Salads
Cranking up crunch and firing up flavor help deliver an optimal off-premise experience
Picture for Ready, Filling and Delicious
White Bean and Kale Soup with Smoked Sausage from Smithfield
Picture for Optimizing SKUs, Maximizing Flavor
Chef Jeffrey Quasha shares his unique—and successful—management system
Picture for King’s Hawaiian at Crack Shack
Five takes on the traditional fried chicken sandwich
Picture for Cold Sandwiches Heat Up
Trending flavors meet the enduring appeal of classic deli sandwiches
Picture for American-Chinese Takes Sides
Creative applications of these iconic flavors shine in favorite side dishes
Picture for Now Serving Brunch
Menu ideas inspired by American-Chinese twists
Picture for Triple Threat
Global powerhouse cuisines meet the Big Three of Chinese-American cuisine
Picture for Spinning Cashew Chicken
Diving deeper into a regional favorite with a devoted national following
Picture for Prosciutto Sandwich with Slow Roasted Tomatoes
Picture for Creative Crunch Offers a New Flavor Burst
Surprising textures boost craveability in sandwiches
Picture for Craveable Condiments
Turn up the takeout experience with bold flavor combinations
Picture for Texas Pete PCs Are Helping Chains Deliver Spicy Flavor In 2021
Picture for Created by a Chef, Not a Scientist
Simple ingredients and culinary versatility make new plant-based products shine
Picture for Walnuts for the Win
Chef Jason Heiselman triumphs with a comforting plant-forward savory pie
Picture for On-trend Toast Topper
Grapes add unique flair and flavor to trending toast builds
Picture for The Benefits of Versatility
Chef Michael Ponzio shares carryout inspiration and the importance of versatility in the kitchen
Picture for Passion Fruit Crème Brûlée
Decadent, delicious and perfectly tart. Watch how to make Passion Fruit Crème Brûlée
Picture for Flavor On Hand
With built-in portability, hand pies are an easy menu fit
Picture for Inspirations from Global Kitchens
The virtual Worlds of Flavor event featured culinary insights from chefs’ home turf
Picture for 10 Meaty Builds
Leading-edge ingredients dial up intrigue in meat-centric dishes
Picture for Getting Boozy with Cardamom
The warming charm of a powerhouse spice
Picture for Splendid Sauces
Go big on flavor with a deft touch of cardamom
Picture for On-trend Bowl Build: Pesto Shrimp & Mediterranean Cauliflower Rice
See what more Haliburton International Foods can do for your menu
Picture for Simple Solutions for To-Go Sips
The Perfect Purée helps takeout cocktails succeed
Picture for Sweet on Cardamom
Leverage the full-bodied characteristics of this warm spice
Picture for Cardamom’s Play with Produce
A warm spice that complements the savory side of vegetables
Picture for The Surprising Ingredient for Clean, Plant-Forward Meat Alternatives
Check out how simple it is to make a clean, plant-forward meat alternative using walnuts
Picture for Menu Workhorse: Blueberry Miso Sauce
One savvy sauce carries surprising flavor and color across multiple formats
Picture for Flavor Upgrades for Cold-Weather Beverages
Creative ways to heat up beverage menus
Picture for A Wellness Win
Make it easy for your guests to find beverage choices with immunity boosting benefits mixed right in
Picture for Avo University
Your Educational Resource for Everything Avocados
Picture for Flavor ROI: Setting the Bar
Stanford transitions from customizable menus to curated ones
Picture for Take Comfort
Culinary upgrades to soul-soothing comfort foods featuring rice as the versatile base
Picture for Riffing on Reuben
8 creative, trend-forward takes on this classic deli sandwich
Picture for The Final Five
With California walnuts as inspiration, chef finalists showcase the flavor possibilities in plant-forward menu development
Picture for Commodity Boards: Craveable Indulgence
Commodity boards serve up trend-forward indulgence
Picture for Fermenting Ideas
Capitalizing on the feel-good momentum of fermented beverages
Picture for Soup Soothers
Double down on comfort with flavorful fermentation
Picture for Mighty Mains
Strengthening core menu features by leveraging the craveability of fermented flavors
Picture for An Affinity for Appetizers
Fermentation unlocks next-level flavors
Picture for A Live Chef Challenge You Won’t Want to Miss
Watch five top food pros go pan-to-pan during Walnuts@Work Live Plant-Forward cooking competition
Picture for Recycling Rice
Reducing food waste while maximizing innovation with this pantry staple
Picture for Breakfast Wins
Chef Rosalyn Darling demos a decadent Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast Bake
Picture for Plant-Forward? It’s In Our Roots.
Dole is taking a plant-forward approach to menu development
Picture for Raise the Stakes
Use culinary finesse to signal premium cues in takeout meat dishes
Picture for Borek for Breakfast
Look to the Balkans for new news at breakfast
Picture for Condiment Cravings
Look to the Balkans for enticing yet familiar flavors
Picture for The Good Stuff
Taking vegetables to new heights with Balkan inspiration
Picture for Name that Theme
Translating the sentiment behind small plates in new ways
Picture for Pollinator Garden in a Glass
Eleven trend-forward beverage builds inspired by honey bees, pollination and honey
Picture for Celebrating Beekeeping
National Honey Month is the perfect time to salute this special craft
Picture for Global Sauce Play
14 fruit-centric ideas for 7 sauce categories
Picture for Salad Days
Fruit takes center stage with modern flavorings and composition
Picture for Focus on Fruit
Three fruits making a big play in trend-forward beverage development
Picture for One to Watch: Umeboshi
Flavor depth gives this fruit deep menu potential
Picture for Premium Value Lunch Special
Premium Aussie beef scores across the table
Picture for Why are smoked meats alluring?
Join our chefs as they discuss how smoked meats can help your carryout menu.
Picture for Rice Plants Opportunity
Rice offers familiarity, functionality and satiety for consumers eager to explore plant-based options
Picture for Non-Alc’s Rising Stars
High-impact ingredients making a splash in the beverage world
Picture for A Beverage with Benefits
Picture for Fresh Takes on Lemonade
Upping the experience (again) in one of America’s most iconic beverages
Picture for Flavors to Fall for
Surprising, seasonal flavor combinations enliven non-alc offerings
Picture for 5 Steps To Optimize Menus
Brand reflection and sharpened focus help light the path to success today
Picture for Barbecue Season
Trend-forward rubs, glazes and sauces that work across the menu
Picture for Trends In Action: Grapes Go Veg-Centric
Grapes bring added inspiration to veg-centric builds
Picture for Rice Bowls Deliver The Flavor
Build modern, flavorful bowls that balance portability with craveability
Picture for 5 Fan Favorites in Bowl Format
Re-tooling successful flavor builds into signature bowls
Picture for Bowls Lean Into Latin Flavors
Trend-forward flavor combinations offer fresh inspiration in familiar territory
Picture for Curated Bowls Take Center Stage
Chef-driven builds are finding favor with both menu developers and consumers
Picture for Sauce Styles for Modern Bowls
Look to trend-forward flavor combinations to build excitement
Picture for 4 Modern Moves with Eggs
From the unexpected to the upgraded, eggs continue to inspire innovation
Picture for Sweet Umami
Culinary ideas that explore this flavor pairing
Picture for Bringing the Heat
Chefs get fired up, building on the popularity of hot honey
Picture for Honey Butter's Next Play
Trend-forward flavor combinations for signature menu items
Picture for Smoking Honey Out
Trend-forward flavor combinations for signature menu items
Picture for Infusing Honey
Building complexity with surprising flavor combinations
Picture for Trends In Action: Bowls Abound
Grapes contribute sweet surprise to bowl builds
Picture for Ricotta’s Lighter Side
Spooned, piped or dolloped—whipped ricotta is a wonderful thing
Picture for Miso: A Flavor Playmaker
5 creative ways to feature this umami-packed ingredient
Picture for Smoked Meats for Carryout Success
Join our chefs as they discuss how smoked meats can help your carryout menu.
Picture for In Its Prime
The prime rib sandwich serves up opportunity for strategic flavor play
Picture for Building Meal Kits With Flavor In Focus
19 restaurant experiences designed for at-home dining
Picture for Eastern Med Meets Latin American
These craveable Latin favorites embrace Eastern Med flavors
Picture for Eastern Med Meets the American South
Bold flavors get a dose of Southern comfort
Picture for Eastern Med Meets Japanese
Ingredients like miso and tahini are joining forces for a powerful flavor impact
Picture for Eastern Med Meets American Comfort
Classic, favorite comfort foods get strategic flavor hits from trending ingredients
Picture for Meat-Centric Comfort Food
A dozen ways to deliver dishes that soothe the soul
Picture for Meet Your Menu MVP
Potato solutions for your operations
Picture for What is Comfort Food?
Chefs share what comfort food means to their guests
Picture for All-day Aussie Breakfast
With a strong café culture, a fresh approach to menu development holds opportunity
Picture for Aussie-style Comfort Bowls
Combining an all-day café culture with feel-good fare
Picture for 3 Aussie-style Toast Builds
Look to the creators of avocado toast for creative, eclectic flavor combinations
Picture for The Immeasurable Value of Hospitality
Picture for Chilaquiles
Chilaquiles are a perfect salve for late-night shenanigans, and have already made moves onto brunch menus
Picture for Global Savory Pancakes
Leading with a hip street food sensibility, pancakes have got craveability wrapped up
Picture for Global Benedicts
Selecting high-impact pantry items from trending world cuisines moves the Benedict onto bold modern brunch menus seamlessly
Picture for Global Skillets
Two popular formats are primed for signaturization now: hashes and baked egg dishes
Picture for 3 Egg-Centric Breakfast Heroes
Quick culinary ideation inspired by trending egg dishes
Picture for Grapefruit Delights
The tart citrus shows up on menus in surprising ways
Picture for Flavor Composition: Burrata + Carrots
Chef Francesco DiCaudo makes burrata a star of the season
Picture for Around the Globe With Dole® Fruit: Europe
Watch our 2019 Fruit Pairings tour video!
Picture for Tropical Flavor Innovation
Creative menu play sees new flavor combinations starring tropical fruits
Picture for Tips for Cold Weather Sips
Six simple strategies for shifting cocktail menus for the colder weather
Picture for Around the Globe With Dole Fruit
Watch our 2019 Fruit Pairings tour video!
Picture for Get Ready for Hummus Bowls
Bowls are showcasing the versatility of hummus
Picture for The Smooth Moves of Hummus
The many ways in which this on-trend workhorse is carrying modern menus
Picture for Meringue’s Moment
Layered, crumbled, flavored, flamed—meringue is making an impression
Picture for A World of Sandwiches
Innovations in five areas help keep this category exciting
Picture for Creative Flavor Moves
Uncommon flavors and techniques that deliver surprise and delight
Picture for Take to the Sea
Chefs showcase creative ways to highlight seafood
Picture for Betting on Chocolate
The sweet spot in desserts usually hones in on chocolate
Picture for Sandwich Success
Carving out differentiation in a crowded category
Picture for Targeting Tacos
Chefs hone in on what makes tacos successful for their brands
Picture for Meaty Appetizers
The snacking category offers a great place for meat-centric innovation
Picture for Desserts: 5 Ingredients to Watch
Flavors and formats driving dessert innovation
Picture for Maximizing French Toast
Deconstructing & modernizing a breakfast mainstay
Picture for LTO Strategies: Tapping into Functional Foods
Answer the call for nutrient-rich dishes that power menus
Picture for Entrée Innovation
Chefs are upping their main game
Picture for Seafood at the Start
Chefs are showing off the shareable side of seafood
Picture for Bring on the Funk
Fish sauce makes a splash on menus
Picture for All About the Bowl
Next-level approaches keep this category exciting
Picture for Burger Bonanza
Chefs continue to push the crave factor in burger builds
Picture for Fried Chicken Sandwiches Fly High
These three restaurant brands showcase winning moves in this fan-favorite category
Picture for What’s Next in Taco Innovation
Trending flavors and ingredients that are impacting taco menu development
Picture for Making the Most of Corn
Trending ideas on maximizing summer’s greatest ingredient
Picture for Meatballs Make Big Moves in the Snacking Category
Hearty, versatile and familiar, meatballs roll out a winning shareables strategy
Picture for 4 Red-Hot Global Sauces
Condiments that bring the heat—and show significant growth on menus
Picture for Seafood Flavor Adventures
Using comfort-food menu platforms to showcase seafood
Picture for Flavors on the Edge
These two lesser known ingredients provide big menu impact
Picture for Today’s Best Sandwiches
Three modern opportunities with memorable sandwich builds
Picture for 8 Ideas on Maximizing Premium Cuts
Chefs share flavor-forward cross-utilization ideas
Picture for Branzino
State-of-the-art recirculating aquaculture systems provide a clean, sustainable species
Picture for Maine Oysters
Oyster farmer Abigail Carroll and Chef David Siegal on Maine oysters
Picture for 5 Beverage Stars on the Horizon
Add pops of color, functional attributes, unexpected texture and deepened flavor to your non-alcoholic (hot or cold) beverages.
Picture for A Burger Build For All Demographics
Peanut butter lends childhood appeal to an adult burger build.
Picture for The Value of Middle Eastern Cuisine
Get to know this red-hot region, including ingredients and flavors on the fringe
Picture for Seaweed Sensation
Leveraging seaweed in creative applications can help build menu interest and entice modern consumers, while enhancing menu items with a functional foods halo.
Picture for 5 Eastern-Med Flavors to Watch
Just like cardamom, coriander and ginger can lend well to a variety of cuisines, there’s more than one way to integrate these flavor-forward Eastern Mediterranean spices onto your menu.
Picture for Mac Daddy
5 ways to make your mac and cheese stand out. Consider playing up global-inspired riffs, translating a winning flavor system through this familiar platform, or making it into a snack-worthy bite at the bar.
Picture for Maximize Mac & Cheese
Three more ways to leverage the popularity of mac and cheese.
Picture for One Ingredient, Six Ways
Lent is a time to maximize fish and seafood offerings across your menu. Take a look at the versatility of ahi tuna and the many ways it can transform on-trend seafood items.
Picture for Textural Play in Desserts
When it comes to desserts, dining consumers want to be surprised and delighted. Enter modern texture. In this age of complex flavor experiences, we’ve moved well beyond sprinkles and tuiles. Here are five examples of pitch-perfect textural play in modern desserts.
Picture for A Modern, Magical Flavor Combination
At Red Star Tavern, a modern American restaurant in Portland, Ore., chef Dolan Lane breathes new life into two summer staples—gazpacho and burrata with heirloom tomatoes—by merging them and adding a few tweaks.
Picture for Flavor at Work: Paul Adams
Creating menus with meaning, approaching food with a punk rock street-kid mentality, and blending cultures and foods together. Paul Adams talks about few rules he lives by when it comes to menu/flavor development.
Picture for Flavor at Work: Jay Perry
From treating menu writing like composing a symphony, to building a drink version of a Caprese salad, Jay Perry shares with us his approach to flavor strategy.
Picture for Flavor at Work: Don Cortes
Culinary consultant Don Cortes shares with us how he views flavor as a menu strategy, using the traditional lens of culinary, but with heavy influences from his upbringing
Picture for Using Unique Ingredients to Elevate the Cocktail Experience
Why you should consider uncommon beverage ingredients when designing new beverages or bar menus in the coming months and seasons.