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1.Smooth Moves

With consumers showing hummus so much love, there’s an opportunity for menu differentiation through creative play in flavor combinations—both in the hummus and atop. Jorge Cespedes brings you five creative ways to top plant-based purées, lending flavor, texture and menu differentiation.

2.Signature Flavor: Shawarma Show

Combined with the functional benefits of the traditional spices—turmeric, clove, fenugreek and cinnamon—this potato-based take on the shawarma can boast better-for-you benefits—as well as showstopping creativity

4.Flavor ROI: Down to Earth

In this case study of King + Duke’s foray into veg-forward flavors, Chef E.J. Hodgkinson centers his menu around the red-hot veg-centric trend. For starters, he developed a comforting Hearth Baked Lasagna combining ground beef and mushrooms in a way that delivers on the flavor promise.

6.Planting 12 Ideas

The veg-centric movement built the road that led to a world of stunning innovation in vegetable cookery. Here are 12 ways into the trend, all serving up creativity and craveability with every delicious forkful.

7.You Say "Potato"

Chefs today are stretching the potato's capability, bending it to glide seamlessly into modern snacks, sides and shareables while counting on its steady stance as one of America’s favorite comfort foods


This shareable dish of Middle Eastern Alaska Fish Cakes with Green Tahini Sauce captures the big opportunity in bringing together seafood, snackability and trending Eastern Med flavors.
Aussie Grass-fed Beef Banh Mi, with finely sliced Australian grass-fed steak, along with Brie for richness.
This Black Soybean Taco Burger is made with a combination of textured vegetable protein (TVP) and black soy beans.


Dinner theatre — by way of Dubai — is pure extravagance, and has a definite place in modern foodservice
Cauliflower rice serves up a world of menu possibilities.
Make salads signature with one of America's favorite fruits
A classic plant-forward dish from the Levant is paired with pasta for modern comfort.


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