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5.Cereal Drama

Milk Bar in New York started the cereal milk craze a few years back. Now, operators are maximizing the emotional tie most diners have to cereal, then upping the game by featuring both the cereal milk and cereal in pancakes, cocktails, desserts and more.

7.Signature Flavor: Sundae Shift

Exploring the versatility of the avocado, this Sweet Avocado Surrender Sundae stars avocado-mango ice cream, Mexican hot chocolate sauce and chocolate-chipotle avocado doughnut holes.

8.Textural Play in Desserts

When it comes to desserts, dining consumers want to be surprised and delighted. Enter modern texture. In this age of complex flavor experiences, we’ve moved well beyond sprinkles and tuiles. Here are five examples of pitch-perfect textural play in modern desserts.

9.Sweet On Greek

Ousia offers its Donut Pikilia: Housemade sampler of Halva Mousse with hazelnut chocolate, Mastiha Yogurt Mousse with pistachio glaze, and Spiced Apple

11.Room for Dessert

Infusing a brand’s personality into dessert offerings marks a sweet opportunity today

13.Sweet Endings

Greek yogurt offers a pleasing balance between acidity and richness to desserts. Use it in Greek Yogurt Icing, Frozen Greek Yogurt and Almond Panna Cotta.



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