In the breakfast and brunch category, today’s dining consumer seems to be particularly receptive to global flavors, along with an openness to an almost-cheeky approach to both flavors and forms.
Chicken moves into stardom when chefs show it some love, developing recipes that are delicious and trend-forward. Here are three dishes that stand out—each bringing a different approach to a very familiar protein.
Three desserts that offer a unique experience while delivering comforting familiarity that seals the deal.
Hispanic-style cheeses from California tap into the continuing popularity of Latin cuisine on menus today. Chefs are showcasing creativity by leveraging Hispanic ingredients in craveable, delicious dishes.
Chefs are featuring pasta in unexpected, flavor-forward ways—and their guests are loving it.



This collection of 125 “best flavor builds” is brimming with flavor-forward wins that showcase not only culinary skill and passion, but also the heightened expectations of the marketplace. Consider this a playbook of menu trends and ideas, as a whole, summarizing the continued momentum of flavor-driven innovation.

The themes that bubble to the surface throughout this collection demonstrate the flavor and menu trends leading innovation across the industry.



Chef Jamie, Executive Chef at The Culinary Vegetable Institute at The Chef’s Garden, brings new life to fresh potatoes with these eye catching, scrumptious dishes
Watch Chef Daniel Asher of River & Woods craft an innovative twist on the classic caprese sandwich.


The array of moles, served on a wooden platter with rice, demonstrates the menu potential of this craveable sauce.
Leverage butter’s magical ability to enrich and lengthen flavor experience while carrying trending flavors flawlessly


Ousia offers its Donut Pikilia: Housemade sampler of Halva Mousse with hazelnut chocolate, Mastiha Yogurt Mousse with pistachio glaze, and Spiced Apple
We profile four desserts all of which convey the constant tinkering with desserts that results in a “best” flavor build


Innovation in the cocktail space continues to thrill the thirsty and the adventurous, wowing with intriguing flavor combinations and head-turning presentations
Fun and flavorful mark the trend in summer sipping


The General Public offers Shakshuka with crushed tomato, cayenne, toasted cumin, smoked paprika, soft poached eggs and buttered baguette
Burlock Coast offers a Challah Brioche French Toast Sandwich: Challah with rum milk, rum cream, rum butter, fruit jam and pecans