Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
South American sandwiches are winning over menus
Creative sauces and condiments kickstart the morning meal
Trend-forward ideas for all-day breakfast & brunch
Four noodle dishes to bet on
Gabe Caliendo describes the current cadence of innovation as a 'need-state strategy'
Bone-in Aussie lamb gets the steakhouse treatment in the hands of Chef Michael Slavin
Leveraging the powerful effects of gentle flavor twists
Next-level, globally inspired sauces make updating customer favorites easy
Condiments bring a Wagyu beef burger to a whole new level
A combo of three ingredients leads to an earthy and toasty result with floral and ...
Chefs take the newest Boursin cheese products for a test ride and share their takeaways
Taking a closer look at this comfort-centric format for new flavor inspirations
Spotlighting four concepts whose menus cast light on future flavor trends
Why naan is the right food for today
Pushing flavor boundaries with a punch of global excitement
Understanding the flavor sophistication found in thoughtful simplicity
From its versatile batters and breadings to exquisite seasoning blends, Newly Weds Foods creates products ...
Sandwiching meat-centric builds with on-trend bread carriers
Fusion baking hits today’s mark for differentiated menus
Upscale toasts and breads are “loaded” with menu opportunity
Life beyond the traditional bread basket
Using noodles for on-trend menu offerings with back-of-house solutions
Trend tracking in Chicago spotlights emerging menu opportunities
Creative takes energize these beverage menu powerhouses
Soups, salads, and sandwiches combine to make memorable meals
Targeted ways to tighten your meal kit strategy
Getting Ready for The Gameday Rush? Texas Pete® Is on Your Team
Creative upgrades ensure this star ingredient continues to shine
Inverting the R&D process
Storied cheesemaker brings quality and expertise to the dairy-free category
Sweet and savory blueberry solutions deliver on consumer demands
Creating next-gen transformations of familiar favorites
Combining texture and technique to maximize rice’s crave factor
Blueberry powder adds color and flavor, while a savory blueberry compote is the hero of ...
A combo of three ingredients leads to a versatile blend of sweet, bright, smoky heat
Finding flavor and favor in the culinary construction zone

2021 Trend Takeaways