Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

Embracing a modern approach to menuing and marketing Australian-sourced, grass-fed beef
From mood boosters to wellness remedies, these ingredients bring a bevy of benefits, and more importantly, feel-good flavor
Global flavors, ingredients and menu concepts inspire modern menu development
A case study in how high-impact ingredients can transform any dish
Tapping the global pantry to produce inventive ingredient pairings


The carajillo cocktail stars strong coffee and Spanish liqueur, with notes of warm baking spices
Wake up to fresh menu inspiration in 2024
Lesser known than its India and Thai counterparts, Japanese curry is winning fans with its comfort food vibes and rich, savory flavor
Whether puffed, dried or ground into a paste, makhana offers a blank canvas for both savory and sweet dishes.
Committing fully to spinning up successful flavor stories


Navigating the bold flavors of natto and koji in modern cuisine
Whether a seasoning, sauce or cocktail rim, al pastor imbues bold flavor across cuisines
Rich, aromatic and transformative, this Indian technique is a gamechanger
Blueberries bring sweet-tart flavor, pleasing color and familiarity to global builds
Taking a closer look at the menu possibilities with this unique crunchy sweetener