Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

Contrasting cheeses and upgraded accoutrements elevate the experience
The look and taste of char-grilled chicken leads to easy and effective elevations of menu mainstays
Subverting guest expectations through surprise ingredients and unconventional twists
Understanding the sweet-spot intersection of flavor depth without dominance
Fresh flavor systems and premium ingredients elevate these classics


Primal flavors are on display at this carnivorous food fest
A flavorful, cost-efficient vehicle for menu innovation
With this tropical fruit favorite in your kitchen, nothing’s off the table for flavor-forward culinary applications
Finding comfort in a mix of familiar touchstones and unexpected surprises
Chef insights on ingredient-inspired recipes


Fresh iterations of nostalgic dishes for menu inspiration
Pushing the envelope and attracting new customers
Introducing fresh flavors in a shareable format
Taking dishes from standard to showstopping
Seizing every advantage to create flavor-forward, better-for-you culinary experiences