Trends and patterns having an impact on food and beverage preferences
Blueberries make for comforting and nostalgic desserts
Craveable sandwich builds enliven fall and winter menus
Bowls are showcasing the versatility of hummus
The many ways in which this on-trend workhorse is carrying modern menus
Celebrating 15 years of the annual Flavor Experience
Layered, crumbled, flavored, flamed—meringue is making an impression


We welcome you to our September-October 2019 issue aimed at chefs and menu developers.

Included are stories about umami, hummus, cheese trends, hot sandwiches, dessert's sweet spot and highlights from the Flavor Experience.



Some of the fried chicken styles making the biggest impact today
Handheld menu items drive traffic and increase sales


Bold condiments from this global hotspot serve as high-impact ingredients
Alejandro Benes is the director of culinary development for Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill, an American concept based in Westlake Village, Calif.


Look to fruit to sweeten, brighten, lighten and enhance your beverage program
Tap into the ongoing potential of the booze-free beverage


The sweet spot in desserts usually hones in on chocolate
Flavors and formats driving dessert innovation


Nothing conveys premium value like flavors from the grill
Strategies to help attract multiple demographics