Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

Trend Takeaways

Unique textural treatments and global flavors make modern salads craveable
Using LTOs to demonstrate brand philosophy
Next-level flavor building in the non-alc category
Tell a new flavor story in celebration of National Queso Day, September 20
Playfully weaving imagination, memory and craft to produce a winning flavor narrative


Pastrami spices bring their distinct, pleasing flavors into new realms
Next-level menu inspirations to elevate popular raw seafood options
A combination of three intriguing ingredients
A reader's perspective on a few of the topics explored in this issue
Serving up something for everyone with flavor on the plate and function in the kitchen


A new wave of creative flavor approaches brings next-level burgers to the menu
Savory hand pies take patrons on flavor exploration to discover new experiences
bd’s Mongolian Grill | Based in Irving, Texas
This crunchy, lacy cheese is elevating menus across all dayparts
Peeling away the layers of this menu workhorse