Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
Trend-forward dips and spreads are menu powerhouses
On a mission to deliver memorable, craveable, inimitable flavor experiences
A strong showing in snacks and shareables is table stakes today
Meeting the demand for plant-based fare with vegan cheeses that taste great and melt well
Creative bowl builds expand options for today’s discerning consumer
Sauces, toppings and seasonings are key to signature bowl builds
Transforming craveable classics with a fresh, contemporary spin
A reader's perspective on a few of the topics explored in this issue
Cocktails inspired by Thai tea are serving up both whimsy and intrigue
Tea and coffee cultures unite for a specialty beverage bonanza
Desserts with an exotic Thai-style beverage makeover
Bundling Thai tea with spicy dishes introduces menu pairings for a new age
Global noodle dishes offer a friendly base for pushing boundaries
Transforming favorite handhelds into bowls
Texas Pete® helps you build LTOs
Reconnecting over meaningful conversations and trend-forward tastes
Soups, salads, and sandwiches combine to make memorable meals
Unmi Abkin's Papas Veracruz calls on the nutty, tangy, spicy profile of salsa macha to ...
Fish and shellfish hook diners with fresh, vibrant bowl builds
Allowing humble ingredients to burst into flavorful song
Trend-forward menu inspirations for a versatile and prep-friendly portfolio of flatbreads
With signature flavor, these dishes deliver soulful comfort that diners yearn for when temperatures drop
Four fast casuals showcase the opportunity in this trending category
Building signature flavors in a bowl of comfort
Southwest flavors are made signature in this creative soup build
Three ingredients that when combined bring out a revelatory flavor experience
Leverage blueberries' signature qualities for unexpected applications
Grilling cheeses offer a heady dose of indulgent comfort
Signature sauces move menus
Spicy dipping sauces create a pathway to flavor innovation
Transforming comfort into signature
Celebrating the art of the surprise with unexpected ingredients
A reader's perspective on a few of the topics explored in this issue
Morning opportunities inspired by later dayparts
Exploring new menu possibilities that capture the essence of this comforting Mexican favorite
Meaty meets seasonal in these craveable grilled cheese sandwiches

2021 Trend Takeaways