Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

Trend Takeaways

Introducing this exotic bold beauty across the menu
Three key drivers make this ingredient of the year a menu must-have
Trend tracking in New York reveals emerging menu opportunities
Inventive boozy slushies, granitas and other frozen drinks break seasonal barriers
Strategic applications of heat wake up morning menus


Taking guests back in time with reimagined 1980s cocktails
Consumer research sets a clear course for Dave & Buster’s
Winning big with a simple, flavor-forward philosophy to recipe development
Melted and fried goodness tops the craveability charts
Leverage the seasonality and premium quality of fresh California Avocados


A look at consumer preferences and flavor innovations in this competitive arena
Intriguing melted and fried foods prove that cheese-centric comfort never goes out of style
Magic happens when cheeses perform the way chefs need them to
Four classic sandwiches transform into modern charcuterie presentations
Handhelds from around the world put exciting flavors within easy reach