These two lesser known ingredients provide big menu impact
Leverage the potato’s popularity and get creative
Three modern opportunities with memorable sandwich builds
Chefs share flavor-forward cross-utilization ideas
Tap into the ongoing potential of the booze-free beverage
Add pops of color, functional attributes, unexpected texture and deepened flavor to your non-alcoholic (hot or cold) beverages.
Peanut butter lends childhood appeal to an adult burger build.


We welcome you to our March to April 2019 issue aimed at chefs and menu developers.

This issue includes: street-level trends 2019, Eastern Med, hot cheese, Gen Z, dessert trends and flavor in delivery.



Chef Martin speaks to the versatility of beef: how it goes beyond center of the plate and how different portion sizes drive business at lunch and dinner.
Chef DJ Tangalin utilizes fresh, frozen and dehydrated potatoes in order to develop an incredibly delicious gluten-free menu


Smoke’s distinctive air is wafting into new categories, including cocktails, fruit, vegetables and honey. Here are 10 trend-forward ideas for featuring creative smoked options on your menu.
Estevan Jimenez is the executive chef and culinary instructor at Rancho Cielo Youth Campus in Salinas, Calif. He shares five flavors that inspire his culinary creativity.


Monin has introduced bright, clean-label vegetable purées that help deliver the veg-centric trend in drinks
Milk Bar in New York started the cereal milk craze a few years back. Now, operators are maximizing the emotional tie most diners have to cereal, then upping the game by featuring both the cereal milk and cereal in pancakes, cocktails, desserts and more.


Twelve pathways to on-trend, signature desserts
Four opportunities for the sweet side of the menu


How delivery helps restaurants manage customers’ brand experience
Exploration of global flavors sparks breakfast creativity