The potato offers operational advantages in breading, crusting and more
The sweet spot in desserts usually hones in on chocolate
Signature pork offerings help attract BBQ lovers
Protein-rich handhelds carry crave factor
Embracing new herbs creates differentiating menu experiences
Carving out differentiation in a crowded category
Chefs hone in on what makes tacos successful for their brands


We welcome you to our May-June 2019 Best of Flavor issue aimed at chefs and menu developers.

Consider this a Flavor Playbook of 2019 and beyond, showcasing brilliant snapshots of menu successes, with the bonus of a playlist of emerging trends.



Why Chef Gus Martin loves cooking with beef, including flavor profiles and aging, as well as his favorite cuts.
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These two lesser known ingredients provide big menu impact
Smoke’s distinctive air is wafting into new categories, including cocktails, fruit, vegetables and honey. Here are 10 trend-forward ideas for featuring creative smoked options on your menu.


Tap into the ongoing potential of the booze-free beverage
Add pops of color, functional attributes, unexpected texture and deepened flavor to your non-alcoholic (hot or cold) beverages.


Flavors and formats driving dessert innovation
Twelve pathways to on-trend, signature desserts


How delivery helps restaurants manage customers’ brand experience
Exploration of global flavors sparks breakfast creativity