Exploring West African Cuisine

Exploring West African Cuisine
As high-profile ambassadors for the cuisines of Ghana, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria and other West African countries showcase their signature ingredients, flavors and dishes in traditional and eclectic formats, interest in the foods of this region is catching fire across America. …
The Beauty of Bissap
Exploring West Africa’s popular refreshment
Trend Insights: West African Cuisine
Examining the allure of this vast region


Tallow’s Renaissance

Tallow’s Renaissance
Fat is back as the nutrition pendulum swings in its favor. And tallow, the luscious ingredient produced from rendered beef fat, is a fat enjoying a particular culinary resurgence thanks in part, perhaps, to a rebellious reaction to the unrelenting attention on plant-forward eating. …
Tallow Three Ways
Creative ideas for the powerhouse flavor-builder
Trend Insights: Tallow
Culinary insights on leveraging tallow in menu development


Vietnamese Café Vibes

Vietnamese Café Vibes
Vietnam’s vibrant coffee culture is making inroads in the U.S., with cafés like Seattle’s Hello Em and Càphê Roasters in Philadelphia introducing consumers to classic and craveable offerings from the Southeast Asian nation. …
Banh Mi Skillet
Format transformation brings broadened opportunities
Trend Insights: Vietnamese Café Culture
Highlighting the opportunity with café classics


Modern Dressings Move In

Modern Dressings Move In
Salads are reclaiming their position on modern menus, no longer taking a backseat to bowls but applying lessons learned from the competition about nuanced flavor-building techniques. …
Create Drama With Dressing
Eight areas of opportunity for salad dressings
Trend Insights: Modern Salad Dressings
Chefs weigh in on leveraging next-level dressings


Homing in on Hawaii

Homing in on Hawaii
The diverse and complex culinary narrative of our nation’s 50th state is making moves across the mainland as Hawaii-inspired fare brings a welcome breath of aloha spirit to menus. …
Ono Inspiration
Three Hawaiian classics offer signature options
Island Authentics
Introducing kalo and uala


MSG Momentum

MSG Momentum
MSG is poised for a major revival thanks to new research and the swelling ranks of ardent champions who embrace its umami-boosting properties. …
Umami Power
Leveraging MSG’s potential
Trend Insights: MSG
Chefs weigh in on MSG’s use as a modern flavor builder


It’s All About the Tortilla

It’s All About the Tortilla
Moving from muted background player to star performer, the tortilla is enjoying a long-overdue spotlight as attention is paid to its flavor and texture characteristics, looking beyond its fundamental capability to carry craveable fillings. …
A Trio of Opportunity
Three proven classics with menu potential
Trend Insights: Tortillas
Chefs share insights on the trend drivers and opportunities


Diving Into Scandi Café Culture

Diving Into Scandi Café Culture
In Sweden, the word “fika” defines the act of sitting with friends, family or colleagues, enjoying a coffee or tea with something sweet or savory on the side. In the U.S., Scandinavian-inspired bars and cafés are bringing this concept to life. …
True North
Scandi-inspired flavor builders
Trend Insights: Scandi Café Culture
Expert insights on Scandinavian influences and opportunities


Mexican Beverage Boom

Mexican Beverage Boom
When it comes to contemporary beverage innovation, Mexican-inspired creations are a surefire bet. American consumers provide a ready fan base, demonstrating a passionate following for everything from modernized margaritas to newer discoveries like mangonada and horchata. …
Mexican Momentum
Trend-forward takes on Mexico’s beverage builders
Trend Insights: Mexican Beverages
Insights on the opportunities with this trend


Cinnamon Surprises

Cinnamon Surprises
Cinnamon’s warm and comforting profile makes it a trusted favorite, but its familiarity may have inhibited its culinary potential, until now. Cinnamon is poised to break big beyond expected sweet-centric builds and make major menu moves. …
Cinnamon & Cassia
A brief overview of the spice’s two varieties
Trend Insights: Cinnamon
Industry insights on cinnamon’s broad appeal and menu potential