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20.Menu Alaska

Seafood from Alaska meets consumers’ desire for wild, healthy and sustainable options


Created by Chef Mary Grace Viado Sponsor: California Milk Advisory Board
Created by Chef Mary Grace Viado Sponsor: Idaho Potato Commission
Created by Chef Mary Grace Viado
Sponsor: Tyson Foodservice


This Turkey Banh Mi delivers the big flavors of the incredibly popular Vietnamese-style sandwich with the wholesomeness and approachability of turkey.
Turkey carries global flavors while keeping things familiar in modern sandwiches
This Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich with Honey Butter is a fierce contender for today’s chicken sandwich showdown. It’s a craveable classic with a perfectly modern twist thanks to a drizzle of honey butter and the lightly sweet King’s Hawaiian Original Little Island Bun.
Say “Aloha” to craveable fried chicken sandwiches
Easy menu ideas to up the salad game
These Bahn Mi Tacos in crunchy wonton shells offer a modern spin on tacos, buddying up to a flavorful Black Bean Salsa that echos the flavors in the build with pickled daikon, carrot and jalapeño, cilantro, avocado and tomato.
Update Mexican favorites with trend-forward, bean-centric moves


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