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By Flavor & The Menu
June 2, 2023

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Restaurants need to do several things to survive and thrive. They need to hire and retain employees, generate sales, and increase their guest base. A great way to accomplish all three is by adding a meaningful charitable component to their operations.

Many restaurant operators embrace CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees’ mission and support this meaningful industry focused cause that is a benefit and direct provider to restaurant employees with children who face a health crisis, death, or natural disaster. For example, Smokey Bones and Bar Louie conducted beverage promotions that drove sales, engaged guests and employees.

Smokey Bones runs a yearlong menu promotion featuring Tito’s Vodka Strawberry Lemonade and donates $1 from every guest purchase of this cocktail. Smokey Bones reports that this is their best-selling drink of all time, raising more than $60,000 to date. Employees love knowing that they are raising funds for fellow employees that qualify for a grant, and employees across their industry.

Bar Louie supported CORE with its quarterly “Cocktails for a Cause” promotion that featured the Wild Berry Margarita, donating $1 to CORE for each purchase. Guests supported the program, posted on social media with a clever moustache pic, and the brand doubled its projections and raised $122,000 for CORE.

Supporting CORE can be good for business. 90% of consumers say they will make a purchase aligned with a meaningful cause. A product promotion can drive sales, engage guests and employees. Additionally, 81% of employees say it is important to work for a company that has socially responsible best practices, leading to increased employee retention and a positive work environment. By supporting CORE, employees know that their workplace is actively contributing to improving their lives, and the lives of their colleagues, while also creating a sense of pride and purpose.

Contact CORE Executive Director Sheila Bennett at [email protected] to learn how you can build purpose around a purchase.



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