Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
Picture for Honey Gochujang Korean Chicken Wings
Our chefs weighed in on multiple topics, from inspiration to trends to the powerful language of food.
Picture for A Game of Sticks
Skewered meats paired with game answer the call for adventure
Picture for Skewering Summer
Seasonal appetizers featuring trend-forward meat skewers are a smart menu play
Picture for Brunch-abilities Abound
Meat on sticks bring a fun, interactive vibe to brunch
Picture for Sticks on ‘Cue
Asian stylings build a compelling flavor story on skewer-style pork dishes
Picture for Deliver the Unexpected
Our chefs weighed in on multiple topics, from inspiration to trends to the powerful language of food.
Picture for Down to Business
A relaxed afternoon off-site dining atmosphere is becoming the ideal setting for an imaginative menu mix
Picture for Crafting Opportunity
Cultivating culinary vibes during shoulder hours and late night
Picture for Serious Bacon Snacks
Shareables loaded with bacon win the day
Picture for Snackable Sandwiches
The ideal menu item for those shoulder and late-night hours
Picture for Dress Up With Mustard
Make modern moves with mustard-based dressings
Picture for Mustard’s Super Power
This familiar condiment offers serious versatility with on-trend appeal
Picture for Next-Level Rubs and Marinades
Leveraging mustard varieties for signature meat-centric menus
Picture for Three Moves With Mustard
Punch up dishes with these mustard-based condiments
Picture for Egg-centric Asian Breakfast Trends
12 creative ideas for three menu favorites
Picture for Asian-Inspired Handhelds Wake Up Menus
Breakfast and brunch get a hit of inspiration from trending flavors and formats
Picture for Porridge 2.0
Asian stylings are propelling a humble breakfast offering into new realms
Picture for Global Spins on Breakfast Favorites
Latin and Asian mash-ups bring new flavor experiences to morning menus
Picture for Six Ways With Empanadas
Creative ways into the savory pie trend
Picture for Opportunities With Plant-Based Tuna
Discovering creative pathways to plant-forward menus
Picture for A Fish Tale
Chefs are crafting a flavor story with plant-based fish that consumers can hook into
Picture for Swimming in Opportunity
Salmon’s mainstream popularity is spawning an influx of plant-based innovation
Picture for Who Ya Calling Shrimp?!
Plant-based shrimp satisfies seafood cravings and generates buzz
Picture for Breakfast Bocadillos
Translating next-gen flavors for successful cold-coffee beverage menus
Picture for Bocadillo Dippers
Translating next-gen flavors for successful cold-coffee beverage menus
Picture for Boca Bites
Translating next-gen flavors for successful cold-coffee beverage menus
Picture for Fall for Bocadillos
Translating next-gen flavors for successful cold-coffee beverage menus
Picture for Just Add Coffee
Four breakfast condiments get a creative coffee upgrade
Picture for Buzz-Worthy Desserts
Next-level coffee flavors bring new excitement to dessert menus
Picture for Coffee Accents
Leveraging this versatile flavoring agent in savory menu development
Picture for Chilling Out
Translating next-gen flavors for successful cold-coffee beverage menus
Picture for Tailor your menu to each generation
Picture for Fired Up
Open-flame cooking imparts the essence of tropical cooking styles
Picture for Tropical Treatments
Hitting meat-centric dishes with creative, craveable flavor combinations
Picture for Mango Mania
Savory applications that harness the power of this popular tropical fruit
Picture for 10 Mini Escapes
Creating a tropical getaway with bold flavored small bites
Picture for Global Savory Pies
Savory hand pies take patrons on flavor exploration to discover new experiences
Picture for Hand Pies at Breakfast
Portability and versatility make savory pies a morning star
Picture for Wrap It Up
Regional favorites rolled into savory hand pies
Picture for Bolder Comfort
Dig into global trends to showcase dessert innovation starring banana
Picture for The Ripe Time for Banana
Different stages yield exciting opportunities for savory menus
Picture for Bananas Take the Pancake
Six ways to upgrade this breakfast favorite with fresh banana
Picture for Banana-rific Infusions
Contemporary builds leverage banana’s newfound celebrity status
Picture for Greek Touches, Big Impressions
Creative flavor strategies yield modern, signature pizzas
Picture for Dipping into Greek
Three Greek dips offer endless menu play
Picture for Summer of Souvlaki
Heat up summer menus with Greek-style skewered meats and dips
Picture for Greek-Style Brunch
Modern breakfast and brunch menus practically beg for Greek flavor mash-ups
Picture for Tell a Story with Salt
Global salt varietals weave provenance into a flavor story
Picture for 10 Ways with Salted Bar Snacks
Finishing salts impart notable big flavor on small bites
Picture for Flavor Makers: Infused Salts
Sea salts spiked with heat, smoke or citrus lend serious lift to menus
Picture for Flavor Watch: Black Lava Salt
Introducing this exotic bold beauty across the menu
Picture for Sandwich Trends: Mexico Inspires
Reinventing three classic sandwiches with bold Mexican flavors
Picture for Salsa Showcase
Flavor play with six trending salsas
Picture for Cheese-centric Comfort
Tap Mexican-style cheeses for modern menu hits
Picture for Four Takes on Huevos Rancheros
Serving up Mexican comfort at breakfast and brunch with signature moves
Picture for Twisting Thai
Cocktails inspired by Thai tea are serving up both whimsy and intrigue
Picture for Thai Tea & Coffee—10 Ways
Tea and coffee cultures unite for a specialty beverage bonanza
Picture for Sweet on Thai Tea
Desserts with an exotic Thai-style beverage makeover
Picture for Sweet And Spicy
Bundling Thai tea with spicy dishes introduces menu pairings for a new age
Picture for 8 Pork-centric Sandwiches To Fall For
Meaty meets seasonal in these craveable grilled cheese sandwiches
Picture for The Midwest’s Sandwich Star
Pork’s answer to the fried chicken sandwich
Picture for “B” is for Brisket
Breakfast brisket sandwiches are heating up morning menus
Picture for Attention Grabbing Arepas
South American sandwiches are winning over menus
Picture for The Meat of the Matter
Sandwiching meat-centric builds with on-trend bread carriers
Picture for Next-level Breads
Fusion baking hits today’s mark for differentiated menus
Picture for Toast of the Town
Upscale toasts and breads are “loaded” with menu opportunity
Picture for Bountiful Bread Bundles
Life beyond the traditional bread basket
Picture for Speed Dating For Cocktails
Classic cocktails meet the bubbly personality of hard seltzer
Picture for 6 Ways To Go Hard With Desserts
Adding the buzz of hard seltzer to sweet treats
Picture for Hard Seltzer Hybrids
The best of both worlds combine to invigorate beverage menus
Picture for 8 Ways To Make Hard Seltzer Your Own
Adding in-house flavor touches for refreshing signaturization
Picture for Mind Your Peas... and Cues
Pea and hempseed milks make their way into modern menu development
Picture for On The Workbench: Coconut, Cashew & Almond Milks
Exploring versatility in this trio of dairy alternatives
Picture for Oat Milk Makes Bigger Moves
Exploring the potential of this versatile dairy alternative
Picture for 10 Modern Uses For Plant Milks
Making dressings, dips and sauces work for flexitarian menus
Picture for Soup's New Flavor Builder
Upgrade and upsell soup with sea greens
Picture for Build Flavor into 5 Go-to Condiments
Dialing up flavor with a list of creative culinary strategies
Picture for Seeing Green
Leveraging the power of seaweed on plant-forward menus
Picture for The New Surf & Turf
An unexpected flavor match brings out the best in each other
Picture for Pimento Power
Double down on comfort by featuring pimento cheese on mainstream menu stars
Picture for Pimento Cheese Moves Into Breakfast
Comforting, craveable and versatile, this trending ingredient is energizing the morning daypart
Picture for Take A Dip
Leveraging pimento cheese’s crave factor in modern dip applications
Picture for Playful Pimento
Tapping into the culinary chameleon of cheese spreads
Picture for Beneficial Beverages
Immunity boosts make both non-alc and alcoholic drinks appealing
Picture for Go With Your Gut
Menuing on-trend bowl builds with gut health “heroes” that support immunity
Picture for Marvelous Mushrooms
Propelled by their immunity-boosting powers, mushrooms are stepping into the limelight
Picture for Super-charged Soup
Takes on immunity-boosting soup fortifies modern menus
Picture for Blissful Brunch Bakes
Extending the appeal of brunch menus with comforting and dynamic bakes
Picture for Back to the Future
Reinventing old school casseroles into trend-forward bakes
Picture for Interactive Bakes
Curating a personalized restaurant experience in the home of your guests
Picture for Veg-Centric Bakes
Homestyle savory bakes translate beautifully into plant-forward offerings
Picture for American-Chinese Takes Sides
Creative applications of these iconic flavors shine in favorite side dishes
Picture for Now Serving Brunch
Menu ideas inspired by American-Chinese twists
Picture for Triple Threat
Global powerhouse cuisines meet the Big Three of Chinese-American cuisine
Picture for Spinning Cashew Chicken
Diving deeper into a regional favorite with a devoted national following
Picture for Getting Boozy with Cardamom
The warming charm of a powerhouse spice
Picture for Splendid Sauces
Go big on flavor with a deft touch of cardamom