Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Rob Corliss
October 25, 2022

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Operators are leveraging the bocadillo, the classic Spanish sandwich finding its way to restaurants across the U.S., and making it work as a bar snack or shareable. The operational execution is as simple as preparing a full-length sandwich, then slicing it into smaller portions.

Here we look at how chefs can capitalize on three top trends, incorporating charcuterie, Latin/tropical comfort, and veg-centric ingredients, into the smaller format bocadillo build. All feature a traditional baguette and minimal, high-quality flavor components.



Charcuterie, especially when cross-utilizing existing menu ingredients, is ideal for small-bite bocadillos where make-ahead preparations can benefit back-of-house operations.

  • Three-Peat: Mortadella-Genoa salami-prosciutto + provolone + baguette (dotted with balsamic syrup)
  • Rillettes Roulette: Pork rillettes + charred shishito peppers + pickled red onions + baguette (spread with pepper jelly)
  • Capi Cool: Spicy capicola + marinated artichoke hearts + shaved manchego + baguette (rubbed with garlic)



Spark interest with more adventurous sandwich eaters via the craveable duo of tender meat chunks paired with an intriguing lip-smacking sauce, touting bold Latin flavors and the joyous brightness of the tropics.

  • Chimi Barbacoa: Chopped barbacoa + cream cheese chimichurri + baguette
  • Milky Mojo Carnitas: Mojo carnitas + whipped ricotta-chamoy spread + baguette
  • Hot Berry Chicken: Pulled guajillo-garlic roasted chicken + strawberry-habanero queso blanco + baguette



Leverage the fervor surrounding plant-based offerings with full-flavored vegetable-centric sandwich plays, which highlight exciting trend-forward flavor combinations.

  • Miso Eggplant Bocadillo: Roasted Japanese eggplant + yuzu-pickled watermelon radish + miso hummus + baguette
  • Mediterranean Crisper Bocadillo: Tempura broccolini + buffalo mozzarella + romesco + baguette
  • G. Shroom Q Bocadillo: Cornmeal-fried oyster mushrooms + creamy yellow mustard white cabbage slaw + smoky barbecue sauce + baguette


Smoked Brisket and Charred Radicchio Baguette

Boca Bites InnerPhoto Credit: Smithfield Culinary

A decidedly American take on the bocadillo, this Smoked Brisket and Charred Radicchio Baguette is easily cut into shareable minis, giving diners a satisfying bite of comforting brisket with sophisticated flavors.


GET THE RECIPE FOR Smoked Brisket and Charred Radicchio Baguette



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