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2.Eyeing The Future

The twentieth Worlds of Flavor Conference provided the opportunity to reflect on the exciting changes and innovation that have moved foodservice forward over the past two decades, and contemplate the changes to come. As global cuisines continue to exert their influence on American menus, whether highly authentic or playfully mashed-up, that world becomes just a bit smaller with each passing year.

4.Taco Revolution

Today's tacos take inspiration from all cuisines including Latin, Southeast Asian, Indian, Mediterranean. There's a huge opportunity in global taco mash-ups with a casual, social vibe.

5.Falafel Up Front

Falafel is a plant-based superstar, with craveable texture, customizable flavor and endless versatility. It’s cheap and delicious, and chefs can create signature versions to keep customers interested and satisfied.

15.Seafood's Modern Hook

This trend sees seafood boldly stepping out of its traditional confines and embracing big flavor combinations and casual presentations. Chefs are menuing seafood in thrilling ways, underpinning the dishes with an approachable, but meaningful message of sustainability.




Five takes on the traditional fried chicken sandwich
Banh Mi Chicken Sandwich on new King’s Hawaiian Original Hoagie Roll. This brand-new hoagie is exclusively for foodservice; it arrives pre-sliced with the hinge intact, making it an easy, out-of-the-bag solution for operators. It delivers on pliability to make it a versatile carrier for big or small handhelds.
A beloved brand gives sandwiches a competitive edge
Flavors of Italian antipasto easily convert to a handheld with Butterball Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast as the hero of this Turkey Antipasto Panini.
Turkey offers a versatile protein for creative flavor building


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