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4.The Next Generation

What does Gen Z represent for restaurant brands, and how are operators strategizing? We took a snapshot to help better understand these younger dining consumers, coloring in the profile of Gen Z while also outlining a few concepts’ savvy approach in making them loyal customers.

7.The Main Event

How is innovation in other parts of the menu affecting modern entrée development? How are shifting consumer demands impacting the evolution of what an entrée looks like?

8.Why Lent Matters

For the foodservice industry, Lent is a time when demand for seafood sees a big boost from diners who choose to abstain from meat for the six weeks before Easter.




Soju Cucumber and Blueberry Shrub Cocktail
Capitalizing on the feel-good momentum of fermented beverages
Pho Bo
Double down on comfort with flavorful fermentation
The classic Reuben profile offers a familiar bridge to fermented flavors, in formats that go beyond the sandwich.
Strengthening core menu features by leveraging the craveability of fermented flavors
Look to fermented ingredients as flavor boosters for brines, dipping sauces and toppings.
Fermentation unlocks next-level flavors


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