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7.Flavor Watch: Play That Toum

Toum, a Lebanese condiment made with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and salt, holds all the markings of a potential hit on U.S. menus

8.Signature Flavor: Shawarma Show

Combined with the functional benefits of the traditional spices—turmeric, clove, fenugreek and cinnamon—this potato-based take on the shawarma can boast better-for-you benefits—as well as showstopping creativity

9.Flavor Find: World Bites

There’s a precision to the global mash-up at Nahita in Boston, where the pantry pulls strategically from Peru, Japan, Mexico and Turkey, staying true to authentic ingredients while combining them in new and intriguing ways.

10.On-trend: Tacos 3.0

With tacos, anything goes today. We’re seeing seriously inventive takes on classic proteins, while on the plant-based side, chefs are moving well beyond the perfunctory veggie taco.

12.Ramen Phenomenon

Ramen is on the rise, with ramen menu mentions up 46 percent over the last four years. We bring you ways to play with ramen textures, ramen-inspired cocktails, Ramyun, and global ramen mash-ups to inspire.

19.Passage to India

Indian food is catching fire this year. Approachability is everything. With diners game for the next flavor frontier, Indian mash-ups are poised to offer a differentiating thrill.



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