Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
Picture for 4 Modern Spins on Taco Salads
That classic Tex-Mex dish is ready for its Instagram moment
Picture for Topping Hummus
Chefs are finding creative ways to add signature garnishes to the ever-popular hummus
Picture for Veg-forward—Just a Bite
Produce as a bar snack? Yes, yes indeed.
Picture for The Buzz on Coffee Cocktails
Leverage these boozy drinks that include a delicious wake-up call
Picture for Tempering Heat
The modern approach to adding heat to dishes sees a nuanced delivery of the hot stuff
Picture for Migas Makes Moves
Chefs are spinning this breakfast dish into new takes on breakfast fare. The opportunity on American menus sees influences from both Mexican and Tex-Mex versions. Each stars a craveable base of crunchy-fried tortilla strips topped with scrambled eggs.
Picture for Warming Up Winter
Nothing warms the cockles like a hot buttered rum, Irish coffee or mulled wine. As the temperatures drop, opportunities arise to upgrade the classics, employing on-trend flavor and formatting touches. Here are eight versions that turn up the heat on cold-weather classics.
Picture for Soup Season
There’s no beating soup’s comfort-food credibility. It’s also a menu workhorse, adapting beautifully to seasonality and trending flavors and ingredients. With its fantastic profit potential, it’s worth exploring how to up your soup game, tapping into the plant-forward trend in rich, satisfying ways. Here are building blocks to develop a modern, plant-forward soup.
Picture for 5 Hot Sauces to Watch
Who’s ready for the next hot sauce? We’ve compiled a list of five new heat sources that are catching fire — some of them with just a slow burn at the beginning. Each offers a first-to-market opportunity for differentiated heat sources.
Picture for Easy Ways in to a Veg-centric Handheld
With veg-centricity influencing menu sections, it’s about time the sandwich menu benefits from a modern approach. Here are two categories seeing creative plays in veg-forward advances.
Picture for Changing Up Chili
Chili brings warmth, satisfaction, familiarity and homespun appeal to menus. Consider modernizing it for today’s consumer, reaching into current flavor trends for inspiration. Here are three opportunities for come-back-for-more chili
Picture for In a Pickle
A pickled element introduces bright, beautiful acidity, along with a pleasing crunch and colorful pop. Everything is fair game when it comes to garnishing a sandwich with a pickled ingredient.
Picture for The Beauty of Buñuelos
Look southward for the next big thing in dessert texture—buñuelos. Here are four opportunities to showcase buñuelos in trend-forward dessert applications.
Picture for Modern Mac & Cheese
In this new world where every aspect of every dish has to bring its A game, creative, on-trend approaches to flavor and texture building wins the day. Here are three opportunities in the wonderful world of mac and cheese.
Picture for 15 Fresh Takes on Fall Flavors
With fall in full swing, dining consumers look to warmer flavor tones in their coffee drinks, smoothies, cocktails and more. Here are 15 flavor combinations that just might give pumpkin a run for its money
Picture for Three Menu-Ready Regions in Mexico
Differentiate your menu with creative takes on authentic regional dishes of Mexico.
Picture for Stand-Out Sides
Creative plant-based menu ideation yields signature side dishes.
Picture for 5 Twists on Tea
Leverage the booming tea category and make it your own.
Picture for Onion Dip Offers Opportunity
This retro dish is poised for modern translation.
Picture for Amplify Texture with Soft vs. Crispy
Modern menu development takes textural play to the next level.
Picture for Plant-Forward Breakfast Momentum
The breakfast daypart and the plant-forward trend are merging into one giant menu opportunity. With Bush Beans, we bring you three on-trend ways to menu beans at breakfast.
Picture for 5 Ways to Jam Out
Savory jams are the ultimate modern condiment, introducing creative flavor combinations that speak to American preservation traditions while offering textural counterpoint many menu items.
Picture for 8 Unexpected Ways to Key into the Plant-Forward Trend
Using beans and legumes in creative applications promises modern results
Picture for A New Wrap
Versatile, convenient and familiar, wraps roll into a lot of today’s flavor trends
Picture for Coffee Shop Classics
Give younger consumers the coffee drinks they look for
Picture for 4 Pathways to Modern Heat
Today’s diners look for lingering heat with a punch of nuanced flavor
Picture for Smooth Sailing
Cold-pressed juices, functional ingredients, high-impact flavorings, Greek yogurt bases, favorite dessert flavors—all of these help make up modern smoothies
Picture for Consider the Quesadilla
Although tacos hold a well-earned position among trending super stars, it might be time to look to their cousin, the quesadilla. Savory, rich, satisfying—and just as versatile as the taco
Picture for Topping the Sandwich
A garnish is a great way to deepen a flavor story, signaturizing a menu item with a memorable finishing touch. We’ve seen lots of innovation with high-impact finishes in bowls and salads, as well as burgers
Picture for Veg-Forward Pasta
Look beyond pasta primavera for standout pasta dishes that pull in the red-hot veg-centric trend. Pasta is a capable carrier for thoughtfully prepared, well-flavored vegetables
Picture for Bowl’ed Beauties
Driven by the fast casual segment, but adopted in both quick serve and full service, one of the biggest opportunities with bowls is how it easily taps into the plant-based trend
Picture for Modern Salad Garnishes
In on-trend salads today, textural treatments allow chefs to add a layer of complexity that drives consumer excitement and a sense of adventure
Picture for BBQ on the Side
When it comes to BBQ, chefs are upping their sides game, leaning into the plant-based phenomenon and offering their guests big flavor with modern takes of traditional sides like barbecue beans
Picture for Reimagining Bruschetta
Chefs are innovating in the bruschetta category, matching its appeal with modern takes on flavor and texture combinations
Picture for Wonderful Oaxaca
Modern Mexican cuisine is diving into authentic cookery from different regions in Mexico - one of the regions being explored thoroughly is Oaxaca, thanks to its rich culinary heritage and its craveable cuisine
Picture for Cold-Brew Buzz
Loved by consumers for its less bitter, less acidic, smooth, fruity flavor, cold brew is also making a play at the bar, where mixologists are leaning on those qualities to add backbone and panache to their cocktails
Picture for Tapping into Eastern Med
A smart way to up your plant-based offerings
Picture for The Next Pickled Star
Chefs are pickling crudités for high flavor impact
Picture for Frankly Speaking
The hot dog boom is built on flavor and texture play
Picture for Tacos Say “Cheese”
Chefs are adding layers of flavor to the carrier itself
Picture for It’s Cocktail Season
Fun and flavorful mark the trend in summer sipping
Picture for 8 Menu Trends That Prove the Power of Pickling
When it comes to high-impact ingredients, a pickled element should be a go-to
Picture for Breakfast Fried Rice
Chefs are moving global fried rice into the breakfast daypart, capitalizing on its comfort-food sensibility combined with a craveable mix of textures and flavors
Picture for Veg-centric Fuels Morning Meals
Four on-trend ways to liven up breakfast offerings with creative produce additions
Picture for Latin Moves at Breakfast
Latin-inspired breakfast dishes are getting a lot of play on modern menus - we bring you Huevos Rancheros, Migas, and Chilaquiles
Picture for 5 Easy Breakfast Builds with Beans
Five ways to use beans in breakfasts: Shakshuka, Breakfast Bowls, Breakfast Chili, Huevos Rancheros, and Breakfast Burritos
Picture for Brewing Up Smoothies
Forward-thinking operators are melding smoothies with cold-brew coffee for a luscious, refreshing, on-trend drink
Picture for Lemonade Season
3 ways to make your lemonade stand out
Picture for Modern Salads: Dressed for Success
Boost the flavor and texture in dressing with plant-based purées
Picture for 3 Creative Flavored Butters
Tap into this red-hot trend, adding a premium, signature touch to your menu
Picture for Level Up Your Nachos
Taking cues from the loaded fries movement, chefs are turning to nachos for fun, creative menu offerings
Picture for Pizza’s Next Move
Texture helps weave a unique narrative, perhaps through cooling, crisp fresh greens or a crispy bite of battered onions
Picture for Tostada: Taco’s Next Frontier
Building upon a sturdy base of a crispy, craveable tortilla, the fun-loving tostada offers serious menu-development opportunity
Picture for Recipe: Sriracha Onion Slaw Burger
4 ways to develop a sustainable and 100-percent utilization approach to seacuterie.
Picture for Hummus in a Handheld
Five advantages to including plant-based purees as sandwich spreads
Picture for The New Frozen Cocktail: Buzzworthy Slushies & Shakes
With their playful, relaxed vibe, modern slushies and shakes offer huge opportunity.
Picture for Coming in for Cold Brew
Cold brew coffee offers on-trend beverage builds
Picture for Recipe: Beer Braised German Bratwurst With Onions
Recipe for Browned Bratwurst and sliced onions simmered in dark beer with garlic and thyme served in a warm Mission® 6″ Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla
Picture for Falafel In The Spotlight
A number of drivers are pushing falafel into the spotlight: the fascination with Eastern Mediterranean flavors, the rise in plant-forward cuisine and the chickpea boom.
Picture for Texture Intel
4 ways to develop a sustainable and 100-percent utilization approach to seacuterie.
Picture for Hummus Versatility with Bush’s
4 ways to develop a sustainable and 100-percent utilization approach to seacuterie.