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Latin Moves at Breakfast Key into three trending flavor profiles for menu distinction

The craveable and comforting components of Latin flavors make for safe explorations for the a.m. daypart
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Breakfast is an exciting category today, with innovation fueled by adventurous diners and chefs eager to explore global flavor systems. Latin-inspired breakfast dishes are getting a lot of play on modern menus, thanks to a number of drivers: a familiarity and embrace of Latin flavors in this country, an explosion of interest in breakfast-themed dishes, and a built-in craveability thanks to a comfort-food base.

The following three breakfast dishes are catching fire here, offering big opportunity for creative interpretation. They all boast a common ingredient—beyond breakfast’s ubiquitous egg. They all rely on the tortilla as a carrier of Latin breakfast flavors, adding a nice starch component and ensuring a satisfying experience.

1. Huevos Rancheros

Huevos rancheros, or rancher’s eggs, make a hearty, homey dish, with fried corn tortillas topped with basted or fried eggs and salsa. Like most braises, they practically beg for flavor play, from the inclusion of varying chile peppers and spices to the finishing garnishes like avocado or pickled vegetables.

  • Huevos Rancheros: Crisp corn tortillas, black bean refritos, pork chili colorado, Jack cheese, two eggs any style
    —Squatters, based in Salt Lake City, Utah

2. Migas

Migas are new on the scene, outside of Texas, at least. We think they hold lots of first-to-market opportunity, boasting a craveable base of crunchy-fried tortilla strips tossed with scrambled eggs. Tex-Mex versions see the addition of vegetables and cheese, opening up a whole world of possibility while delivering on the promise of a rustic, satisfying breakfast.

  • Mumbai Migas: Cilantro eggs, tortilla strips, jalapeño, tomato, dried lime
    —Whip In, Austin, Texas

3. Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles start with a base of corn tortilla strips, simmered with green or red salsa and finished with queso fresco and crema. They’re comforting and satisfying, with lots of room from innovation.

  • Chilaquiles Benedict: Barbacoa beef over a stack of ranchero-sauced tortillas and melted cheese, with poached cage-free eggs, roasted poblano hollandaise, pico de gallo and Cotija
    —Snooze, based in Denver

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