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Migas Makes Moves Chefs are spinning this breakfast dish into new takes on breakfast fare

Migas, the craveable build of eggs and tortillas, moves easily into a fan-favorite handheld.

A number of countries call migas their own, including Spain, Portugal and Mexico. The opportunity on American menus sees influences from both Mexican and Tex-Mex versions. Each stars a craveable base of crunchy-fried tortilla strips topped with scrambled eggs.

Tex-Mex versions add vegetables and cheese, opening up the possibilities for signature takes. At its heart, migas is breakfast comfort food. It can also move seamlessly into other dayparts, perhaps with protein additions like braised short ribs or carnitas. In fact, chefs are jumping on the migas bandwagon, bending them in creative ways while delivering on the promise of breakfast comfort.

Austin, Texas seems like its at the epicenter of the migas phenomenon, which makes sense, given both its geographic location and its great food truck culture. At Veracruz All Natural, a food truck empire in that city, migas is served in a taco. Guests can order the Migas Originales, with eggs, tortilla chips, Monterey jack cheese, cilantro, tomato, onion, avocado, or the Migas Poblanas, with eggs, tortilla chips, poblano peppers, red onion, queso fresco, black beans and avocado.

Maria’s Taco Express uses the always popular tacos as a carrier for its version of migas—scrambled eggs, pico de gallo and cheese.

Whip In, a convenience store and café, demonstrates how migas can move into different global profiles with its Mumbai Migas, starring cilantro eggs, tortilla strips, jalapeño, tomato and dried lime.

Los Angeles is getting in on the game, too. Blue Jam Cafe’s migas features eggs scrambled with jalapeños, chipotle, ground beef chorizo, bell peppers, tortilla chips, and mozzarella.

HomeState, with two locations in L.A., serves three versions of migas—classic, Andy’s Migas (organic eggs scrambled with crispy corn strips, onion, cheese and chorizo) and Lonestar Migas (organic eggs scrambled with crispy corn strips, onion, cheese, shredded brisket and pico de gallo).

The foundation of migas sees a combination of scrambled eggs and crispy tortilla strips? The rest? Up for delicious interpretation.

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