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Brewing Up Smoothies Catch this emerging trend for a first-to-market-opportunity

Cold-brew coffee has taken this country by storm, thanks to its smooth, rich flavor. We’ve seen cold-brew reach beyond coffee drinks and into cocktails, like a cold-brew Negroni, and even into desserts, like a cold-brew affogato. Now, a few forward-thinking operators are melding smoothies with cold-brew coffee for a luscious, refreshing, on-trend drink.

Flavor add-ins move this into a signature experience, with everything from blood orange-chocolate to butter cake flavored. Cold-brew smoothies capture both coffee aficionados and consumers who look for wholesome beverages that kick-start their day.

Today’s smoothies tap into a number of trending flavors and ingredients, like Greek yogurt, super fruits (açai, goji berry) and spices (turmeric, Mexican cinnamon). Adding a jolt of cold brew fits into a modern sensibility nicely.

  • The King Cake Protein Velvet Ice with cold-brew concentrate, fat-free milk, whey protein concentrate and king cake flavors
    —PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans / based in New Orleans
  • Cold-Brew Smoothie: Cold-brew coffee, cacao powder, agave, cashew milk, vanilla extract
    —Fresh Healthy Café, based in Denver

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