Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

3 Creative Flavored Butters Tap into this red-hot trend, adding a premium, signature touch to your menu

Butter is a brilliant flavor carrier for modern profiles.

Amping up flavor is the name of the game today, where consumers are looking for big flavor experiences when they go out to eat. Modern compound butters offer an easy pathway to a differentiated menu item. The potential flavor combinations and ingredients that work in flavored butters are almost endless, guided by menu focus and creativity. Apart from offering a shortcut to big flavor, they also help tell a premium story—one you can usually charge more for.

Here are three great ways to leverage the flavored butter trend:

1. Swirl roasted carrot butter into a seasonal vegetable pasta dish or over charred Brussels sprouts

2. For an upgraded bread accompaniment, offer a caramelized onion-topped butter

3. Drizzle Sriracha-spiked honey butter over fried chicken


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