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8 Unexpected Ways to Key into the Plant-Forward Trend Using beans and legumes in creative applications promises modern results

Hummus as a toast-topper (here, at Forbidden Root in Chicago) is a unique application, lending itself well to a variety of toppings and global profile.
PHOTO CREDIT: Gerry Ludwig

With the veg-centric movement, innovation with plant-based ingredients is an imperative on today’s menus. Here are eight signature moves that leverage the power of plants in creative, craveable ways.

  1. Stir cannellini bean purée into a crispy-fried riced cauliflower side dish
  2. Toss whole roasted heirloom carrots with hummus and dust with sumac
  3. Make a green goddess dressing with puréed white beans, Greek yogurt, tarragon, chives, lemon juice, anchovy
  4. Add beet powder or pesto to hummus for a signature dip
  5. Make a vegan version of a gin fizz by subbing out egg whites with aqua faba (liquid from a can of chickpeas)
  6. Top salads and bowls with roasted chickpeas, or season and serve as a bar snack
  7. Purée white beans and use as the “cream” in mac and cheese
  8. Thin hummus with a vinaigrette for a modern salad dressing

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