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Hummus in a Handheld Five advantages to including plant-based purees as sandwich spreads

The hummus boom is making its way into sandwiches, providing a rich layer of flavor and bringing a glowing health boost to modern builds. Expanding on the power of plant-based purees, chefs are experimenting with alternate ingredients, adding beets or sweet peas to the chickpea base for vibrant color, unique flavor and a signature story.

Changing out the hummus-bean base also offers a variety in flavor, and helps lock in a cuisine’s narrative, whether Latin or Mediterranean.

Alternatively, other produce items come together to create signature veg-centric blends that work well in layers of a handheld, like a minty-pea mash to complement a lamb sandwich.

Here are five advantages to including plant-based purees as sandwich spreads:

  1. Adds a glowing health halo
  2. Offers creative cross-utilization advantages
  3. Lends brilliant flavor complexity, especially when produce is roasted or charred, and/or seasoned with spice blends
  4. Offers an excellent pathway to seasonal change-ups in a sandwich
  5. Helps the sandwich tell a better flavor story on the menu

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