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A New Wrap Versatile, convenient and familiar, wraps roll into a lot of today’s flavor trends

Wraps are rolling up modern profiles, like this Smoked Paprika Charred Carrot Wrap, with savory yogurt and habanero honey
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Innovation in the sandwich space is breathtaking, with chefs pushing into new frontiers, like regional Mexican, Southeast Asian, Indian and more. That spells a lot of global adventure. Wraps help soften the journey, promising a safe culinary adventure by rolling everything up in a familiar sandwich carrier.

Breakfast Hero

At Llamita, a Peruvian counter-service restaurant in New York, the breakfast menu includes the Breakfast Wrap, starring scrambled egg, bacon, aji panca, cheddar, roasted poblano, tacu tacu (sesoned rice and beans fritter), all wrapped up for both portability and familiarity. Breakfast is certainly a good home for wraps of all kinds—from tacos and burritos to the more universal sandwich wraps—perfect for today’s on-the-go dining consumer.

Eastern Med Made Easy

The Eastern Mediterranean is a playground for chefs today, who are busy exploring the complex, bold, craveable flavors and dishes of countries like Turkey, Greece, Israel and Lebanon. Sandwich play here is big, with flavor-rich meats like shawarma and döner kebab promising delicious, savory experiences. Other ingredients from this part of the world make it an adventure—s’chug, harissa, falafel, halloumi… Wrapping it all into a, well, wrap, makes the adventure less daunting—and more portable.

New American Favorites

Global mash-ups, while still prevalent on menus, are morphing into New American cuisine, where anything goes—as long as the flavor is appealing, eclectic and delicious. It’s taking the familiar with the foreign. Comfort with thrill. Grilled cheese with porchetta. At Heritage Eats, a modern cafeteria with three locations in California, the Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap sees yogurt-marinated chicken, slow-cooked with tomato, coriander and spices, wrapped in a flour tortilla with seasonal vegetables, rice and local greens.

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