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15 Fresh Takes on Fall Flavors Offer up the season with a creative beverage menu

It’s a new world in beverage innovation, where trends like garden-to-glass, creative flavor combinations, and hand-crafted everything keep things dynamic and exciting.

With fall in full swing, dining consumers look to warmer flavor tones in their coffee drinks, smoothies, cocktails and more. What’s the next flavor hero? Pumpkin spice is the Sriracha of the beverage world—everyone still loves it, but is also looking for the Next Big Thing.

Here are 15 flavor combinations that just might give pumpkin a run for its money.

Fall Smoothies

Peppermint-Chai Nog
Maple and Oat Milk

Fall Cocktails

Apple Cider Mimosa
Caramel Apple Mule
Beet Old Fashioned

Seasonal Sodas

Pomegranate Tonic
Rosemary-Pear Soda
Sage-Blood Orange Tonic

Specialty Coffee Drinks

Dutch Apple Pie
Toffee Crunch
Crème Brûlée
Maple Sugar

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