Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Rob Corliss
November 27, 2022

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Operators can leverage the widespread popularity of salmon with their next foray into plant-based seafood. New salmon-like products with engaging natural appearance, distinctive texture and delicately rich flavor will shape a new narrative. This menu storyline gains momentum from the uniqueness of the varying methods utilized for creating plant-based “salmon,” which includes using vegetables, plant oils, plant proteins, seaweed and algae. Dive into bold preparations that drive flavor and accentuate this emerging trend.

Here are nine plant-based salmon ideas built around three common salmon forms that are gaining traction in the plant-based seafood category.


Plant-Based Salmon Patties and Crumbles

  • Plant-Based Crabby Salmon Burger: Seared plant-based salmon burger patty + spicy plant-based “crab” + blue cheese aïoli + leaf lettuce + potato bun
  • Greek-style “Salmon”-Kopita: Seared plant-based salmon crumbles + spinach + feta + phyllo + lemon dill dipping sauce
  • Everything “Salmon” Nachos: Everything seasoned bagel chips + seared plant-based salmon crumbles + cream cheese queso + chives


Plant-Based Salmon Fillet and Flaked Fillet

  • “Salmon” Over Miso Elote Salad: Grilled plant-based salmon fillet + raw and charred fresh corn kernels + watermelon radish + feta crumbles + sour cream/mayonnaise + lime juice + white miso + togarashi
  • Plant-Based Salmon Forager Frittata: Flaked plant-based salmon fillet + eggs + sautéed oyster mushrooms + herb vinaigrette-tossed frisée salad (topper)
  • Salmon Risotto Cakes: Pan-roasted flaked plant-based salmon fillet risotto cakes + truffle ponzu (dipper)


Plant-Based Smoked Salmon

  • Whipped Smoked “Salmon” Power Bagel: Toasted onion bagel + whipped plant-based smoked salmon spread + scrambled egg whites + grilled pencil asparagus + pickled red onion
  • Plant-Based Smoked Salmon Au Gratin Potatoes: Idaho potato slices, layered + plant-based smoked salmon + white cheddar and Gruyère cheese + heavy cream and whole milk + sea salt and cracked peppercorn
  • Smoked “Salmon” Club: Plant-based smoked salmon + cucumber + tomato + Mesclun + preserved lemon aïoli + sourdough


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