Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Flavor & The Menu
August 3, 2023

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Chefs from all corners of the industry are embracing pimiento cheese as a versatile ingredient, incorporating it into sandwiches, burgers, sliders, dips, fritters, muffins, Benedicts and more. Its tangy flavor, creamy texture and nostalgic appeal have struck a chord with diners, transcending regional boundaries and becoming a sought-after addition to menus nationwide. As this trend continues to gain traction, it’s clear that pimiento cheese has secured its place as a versatile and on-trend ingredient, enriching dishes and delighting diners far beyond its traditional Southern origins. And when chefs do play up pimiento cheese’s Southern side, their builds are modern and original, leveraging the ingredient’s homestyle comfort while positioning it in a fresh light.

Here, Bel Brands, a family-run company with more than 150 years of cheese expertise, is sharing two of its favorite in-market examples that star Price*s® Original Sweet & Tangy Pimiento Cheese Spread. Each showcases how this product can transform a build into a signature menu item—while ensuring consistency across operations.

Krystal Restaurants: Side Chik

Atlanta-based burger chain Krystal Restaurants ran a smart LTO promotion that introduced fried chicken sandwiches to both its all-day and breakfast menus. The Side Chik lineup features a white meat chicken sandwich in three varieties, all served in the brand’s classic steamed bun: BBQ Bacon Cheese with smoked bacon and tangy barbecue; Pimiento Cheese and Classic, featuring Duke’s mayonnaise and pickle. In a move that demonstrates pimiento cheese’s daypart versatility, Krystal also offers the Side Chik at breakfast: The Pimento Cheese Biscuit.

Marriott International: Price*s® Pimiento Muffins

Jennifer OBrien, Director, Restaurants and Bars in the U.S. and Canada, Marriott International, also looks to pimiento cheese for new ideas in the breakfast and all-day breakfast category. Her Price*s® Pimiento Muffins are savory and comforting, with pimiento cheese, buttermilk, breakfast sausage, green onion, yellow onion and cheddar. OBrien says Price*s® Pimiento Cheese offers both a good flavor hook and that all-important versatility. “The flavor is vibrant and the texture is flexible, which suits a variety of applications. To me, the flavor is nostalgic yet bold,” she says.

Price*s® Original Sweet & Tangy Pimiento Cheese Spread

  • Made with real cheddar cheese and pimientos for rich, made-from-scratch taste
  • Recipe-ready for labor and waste savings
  • Pre-made recipe lends consistency across operations
  • High-impact ingredient for broad versatility to use across the menu
  • Easily customizable with add-ins like caramelized onions, roasted jalapeños or local beer infusions

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