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Marshall Scarborough
VP Menu & Culinary Innovation

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Scarborough’s 13-year-old niece regularly turns to her uncle for culinary lessons, but when she asked him to teach her how to make Japanese soufflé pancakes, he was forced to do some research. “I looked it up on TikTok, and discovered how to make the fluffiest pancakes in the world,” he says.

In his Honey Soufflé Pancakes with Honey Cracklin’ Pork Belly, the chef doubled down on his affinity for the sweet stuff. Honey-roasted pork butt features a crispy-crackly fat cap. “I’ve always loved how that crispy fat tastes with more honey drizzled over it and the contrast with the tender, juicy meat. And Japanese soufflé pancakes felt like the perfect canvas to highlight honey,” he explains. A togarashi garnish brings subtle complexity and “speaks to the breadth of flavors that honey can pair with and why it’s a rock-star ingredient.”

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