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Sausage for the Win


By Flavor & The Menu
May 11, 2022

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Cole Hansen

Cole Hansen

When familiar ingredients are applied in unexpected and unconventional menu concepts, guests often find themselves irresistibly intrigued to step out of their comfort zone and enjoy an exciting, new flavor journey. It’s a strategy that provides a safe space for their exploration and your culinary innovation. And it’s an approach that Johnsonville Foodservice applies in new menu concept ideation to help you take full advantage of the versatility of its premium line of pork sausage products.

For more than 75 years, Johnsonville has delivered quality and consistency in its legendary lineup of cooked and ready-to-cook pork sausage products. As the No. 1 sausage brand that consumers—whether eating at home or dining out—know best, Johnsonville can help foodservice operators make the most of that familiarity, along with unrivaled flavors, in dishes inspired by global cuisines.

“Bratwurst is a product that works in so many concepts outside of the bun,” says Cole Hansen, Corporate Chef. “It can add complexity to a dish and pair well in many applications. Global flavors such as harissa, curry, gochujang, miso and guajillo are being combined with bratwurst to top pizzas and nachos, fill soups and add new spins on a variety of classic cuisines.”

The above Egg Roll Bowl stars Johnsonville Bratwurst and is an excellent example of the creative opportunities at play here. In deconstructing many of the elements of a classic egg roll, the bratwurst reveals just one of many layers of flavor. “The soy sauce brings an umami flavor, making the dish savory, while Sriracha adds a touch of tangy heat. The crunch of cabbage and chopped cashews add multiple textures,” says Hansen, who notes that the dish is also keto-friendly.

Other bold bowl variations featuring Johnsonville Bratwurst include Spicy Brat Pasta, Bavarian Brat Skillet and Brat Teriyaki Stir Fry. You can find details of these and many other examples of menu innovation incorporating the brand’s sausage products at foodservice.johnsonville.com/concepts.


The complex, robust flavors of Johnsonville Foodservice pork sausage products drive culinary exploration, but don’t overlook the compelling advantage these ingredients can provide to your prep team.

“Most of our foodservice product line is precooked, saving time in the kitchen for preparation. Products can be finished in everything from a rapid cook oven, chargrill or microwave,” says Hansen. With minimal prep requirements, Johnsonville Brats, Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, sausage strips and slices and more can easily be added to a variety of flavor-forward dishes that will yield a high profit margin.

Ready to leverage the flavor advantages and opportunities that familiarity and quality can deliver to your menu? Visit foodservice.johsonville.com to learn more.


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