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By Jarrett A. Rogers
November 25, 2019

Burrata is typically featured in a simple presentation with perhaps a drizzle of olive oil. And although that is a wonderful thing, some chefs are moving burrata into different menu builds, capitalizing on its rich creaminess to help take a dish to the next level.

Francesco DiCaudo, executive chef of Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar in Las Vegas, for example, uses burrata to add a soft, rich component to a veg-centric fall dish of roasted carrots, dehydrated pickled grapes, sorrel pesto and a hazelnut-citrus vinaigrette.

The inspiration for the dish came about at home during lunch. “I made myself a glass of carrot juice and on the kitchen countertop, I was resting burrata. After drinking my juice, I took a bite of the burrata and I loved the combination,” he says. “The woodsy aroma and the earthy and citrus notes from the carrots make a great pairing.” He ordered a few varieties of carrots and started working on something simple that would deliver the flavor of fall in a unique and craveable way.

Dicaudo’s Flavor Composition


DiCaudo tosses carrots in olive oil, salt and pepper, then roasts them for 25 minutes.


Grapes are dehydrated for 24 hours at 125 degrees F, then sealed in a vacuum-tight bag with a white balsamic pickling liquid.


Sorrel leaves, which have a sour, tangy taste, are blended with olive oil, almonds,
roasted garlic and chile oil.


Dressing is made with pan-toasted hazelnuts, olive oil and white balsamic vinegar.

In considering how this dish might change for a spring or summer menu offering, DiCaudo suggests peaches, basil and lemongrass. “I love peaches for their citrus, floral and almond aroma,” he says. The dish is a seasonal favorite at Ferraro’s, and also demonstrates burrata’s adaptability to flavors and seasonality.

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