Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development


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As a Korean American, I have been eating Korean-style pickled white radish (danmuji) my entire life. Usually, it comes in a yellow form that is often found inside Korean kimbap, which are kind of like Japanese sushi rolls, except they do not contain raw fish. Instead, kimbap usually has vegetables, maybe some protein, but always the ubiquitous yellow pickled radish. Traditionally, the radish was fermented in an earthenware pot buried in the ground, lending it a yellow color. Today, most commercially available danmuji uses food coloring, which is why I prefer the white version. When I started testing this ingredient in the restaurant, I was surprised by how many people really liked its subtly sweet and pickled flavor and refreshing crunch. I hope to incorporate it into more LTOs in the future.

—Judy Han, Director of Culinary and Supply Chain, Urbane Café, based in Ventura, Calif.

In the second half of a two-part Flavor Discovery series, chefs share unique ingredients and concepts inspiring their culinary creativity.

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