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Maximize Mac & Cheese Three more ways to leverage the popularity of mac and cheese

Move mac to a global profile with flavorful beef adobo and fried garlic. Hawaiian sweet-roll crumbs add crispy texture.
PHOTO CREDIT: Barilla Foodservice


Chef Yury Krasilovsky, Barilla America

With macaroni and cheese holding onto the title of America’s favorite pasta dish, it’s a smart platform for chefs to play with. “We’re seeing this in all manner of formats, from plant-forward versions, a-little-bit-healthier takes to over-the-top indulgent with global spins,” says Yury Krasilovsky, Executive Chef with Barilla America.

Here are a few examples of how to serve up trend-forward profiles while still keeping the promise of soulful, comforting mac and cheese.

Filipino Beef Adobo Mac & Cheese

Toronto Chef Oliver Tan created a richly flavored mac and cheese with slow-cooked beef adobo and blue cheese, garnished with fried garlic and Hawaiian sweet-roll crumbs (see photo above).
Why it works: It delivers indulgent comfort food straight from the pub, with deep blue-cheese flavor and added umami from on-trend Filipino adobo.


Barilla Foodservice

Spin the Southern classic into a signature offering. Waffle batter made with mac and cheese is unexpected and delicious.

Cajun Mac & Cheese Waffles with Southern Fried Chicken

This Cajun-spiced mac and cheese, created by Chef Zoe Adelstein of Providence, R.I., has bits of andouille sausage and red pepper, and is baked in a waffle iron for a unique take.
Why it works: Because chicken and waffles, for starters. It’s also a unique delivery system for mac and cheese, ready for its Instagram moment.


Barilla Foodservice

Vegetables puréed into the cheese sauce here deliver wholesomeness while keeping the craveability intact.

“Eat your veggies” Mac & Cheese

Carrots, butternut squash and Yukon potatoes are puréed into the cheese sauce, which is a mix of cheddar and Parmesan.
Why it works: Stealth-health in action—hidden vegetables for built-in parent approval, with the familiar color and flavor that kids crave.


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