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CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce has been the choice of thousands of operators for more than a decade. Today is a great time to make the switch to the sweet heat that only a quality Sriracha sauce can impart.

Best of all, CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce is available in a variety of packaging, from ½ gal. plastic jugs for the kitchen to 18 oz. plastic squeeze bottles in a new flip cap for drizzling or 7- gram portion-control packets for takeout or delivery.

“We offer more packaging options, because we know that service to customers has had a dramatic change over the past two years,” says Nikki Green, National Accounts Manager for Garner Foods, the makers of Texas Pete®. “I’m helping operators make the switch to our Sriracha sauce daily, and they are impressed with our packaging options.” It is also a brand that consumers use and love at home, with distribution to retailers nationwide and online.

Need a Great Sriracha Sauce? We Got CHA!

Despite its Asian and West Coast persona, more restaurants in the Southeast menu Sriracha than any other region*.

Texas Pete® offers rebates of up to $500 on CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce and other sauces through its loyalty program that includes wing sauce, hot sauce, and a new line of 1 oz. dipping cups for takeout. If you are in search of a quality Sriracha sauce that your customers will know and love, we’ve got CHA!

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*Datassential, June 2022


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