Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Flavor & The Menu
March 1, 2020

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There’s so much adventure to be found further afield, but Mexican breakfast formats and ingredients still offer a world of new inspiration, bringing with them that valuable built-in sense of comfort. Here, it’s about creativity of combination and discovery of lesser known ingredients. Chilaquiles are a perfect salve for late-night shenanigans, and have already made moves onto brunch menus. The dish typically stars tortilla chips bathed in a flavorful red or green sauce, then can be topped with ingredients like carnitas or pulled chicken, fried eggs, crema, cheese and onion. With the trend moving more toward adventure, chefs can reach deeper into Mexico’s pantry for exciting and standout combinations.

Try this:

tortilla chips + guajillo salsa + cebollitas + queso fresco + cochinita pibil + fried eggs + chicharrón + lime juice + cilantro crema

tortilla chips + salsa macha + nopales + Cotija + chipotle chicken + fried eggs + avocado crema

tortilla chips + salsa verde + jalapeño crema + Jack + chorizo + fried eggs

tortilla chips + mole negro + barbacoa + queso fresco + fried eggs + ancho crema


Pork Belly Chilaquiles serve up the comfort of this Mexican classic, but deliver something new with crispy pork belly and sunny-side eggs over tortilla chips simmered in tomatillo salsa verde.


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