Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Flavor & The Menu
March 24, 2020

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The Aussies know how to serve up dishes that move easily from breakfast into lunch and beyond. Their style of all-day cafés are finding success here, leading with a laid-back vibe and an attention to flavor detail. Breakfast ingredients play a big role, lending an all-day sensibility with ingredients like soft-poached eggs and maple bacon.

One of the breakfast dishes finding favor here is a classic in Australia, thanks to its deep ties to British food traditions. Sometimes called a “big brekkie,” it’s similar to a “full English” breakfast. The Aussie version has helped pull it into sharper focus in the U.S., thanks to an inclusion of wholesome elements and café-style breezy approach that lightens it nicely.

Bluestone Lane, a restaurant concept that has both coffee shops and cafés in five markets across the U.S., serves the Big Brekkie, starring two poached eggs, bacon, roasted tomatoes, avocado smash, baby kale and baked mushrooms served with artisan toast. Banksia, an Australian bakehouse and café in Kansas City, Mo., makes the sweeter side of breakfast an all-day affair with offerings like Ricotta Pancakes with honeycomb butter, caramelized bananas and fresh strawberries.

Here’s more inspiration from the Aussies, delivering their particular brand of all-day breakfast, offering fresh opportunity in this significant area of menu development.

Pick Me Up Sandwich with sage omelette, Tabasco tomatoes and caramelized onions
Little Collins, New York

The Sheep Shearer’s Brekkie: Three eggs any style, served with choice of Canadian bacon, applewood bacon, sweet sausage or jalapeño chorizo; two lemon-myrtle ricotta hotcakes and grilled sliced tomato
The Thirsty Koala, New York

Dukkah eggs + Trout: House-smoked trout, tzatziki, sautéed spinach, poached eggs topped with dukkah on sourdough
Stowaway, Denver


This Maple-Bacon Waffls boast sweet, salty, bright and lush flavors, with maple bacon studding the waffle, and lingonberry syrup and an orange-pecan butter topping the dish.


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