Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Flavor & The Menu
January 9, 2020

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Australian cafés have cornered the market on presenting beautiful, healthy and inspiring menu offers for all-day dining. While anchoring their menus on premium coffee and café beverages, they do well to pair those drinks during all dayparts. Menus can easily transition from breakfast into lunch or supper featuring coffee-infused cocktails.
JESSICA BOGRAD Director of Culinary R&D, CSSI Marketing + Culinary

Australia and America have similar cultures, demographics, language, economics and social philosophies, so it makes Aussie cuisine very approachable. Also, the continued introduction of its grass-fed beef to the U.S. meets a need for consumers looking for healthier protein options.
JOHN FRANKE, Chef/Founder, Franke Culinary Consulting

Not all global exploration has to be a drastic departure from what we know and love. Australian cuisine adds subtle new twists and a sense of fun.
KILEY STONE, Associate Culinary Director, Strategy, SRG

When you’re looking for markers, the focus is on quality and flavor over quantity; freshness is key. Playfulness and simplicity—those are the telltale signs of an Aussie dish.
SHANE SCHAIBLY, Vice President of Culinary Strategy at First Watch Restaurants

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