Above Board
Charcuterie’s renewed popularity presents exciting opportunities across the menu
All Aboard!
The rising appeal of charcuterie is being fueled by five factors
Three nontraditional charcuterie boards to try



Bocadillo’s Moment
This Spanish sandwich is primed for further adaptation on American menus
Simple Signatures
The bocadillo presents a nice pushback to over-the-top sandwich builds
Trend Insights: Bocadillos
Chefs and trend analysts weigh in on the drivers and menu opportunities with Spanish bocadillos


Modern Greek

Greek To Me
Rediscovery and reinvention are yielding new opportunities for flavor innovation
Simple Strategies for Modern Moves
Easy menu ideas for Greek favorites
Five easy entry points for incorporating modern Greek across the menu



Tropic Like It's Hot
Chefs are taking modern inspiration from island flavors and ingredients
Tropical 10
Ten easy ways to add tropical flair
Trend Insights: Tropical
Trend Insights: Tropical


Mexican Comfort

Mexican Comfort
New innovation casts three dishes as stars in a surge of exciting flavor play in this always-popular cuisine
Do Your Homework
A cultural understanding of Mexican cuisine builds credibility
Trend Insights: Mexican Comfort
Chefs and trend analysts weigh in on the drivers and menu opportunities with Mexican comfort


Plant-based Seafood

Sea Change
Plant-based seafood is making big waves on modern menus
Plant-Based Seafood by the Numbers
The global plant-based seafood industry is on an impressive growth trajectory
Trend Insights: Plant-based Seafood
Chefs and trend analysts weigh in on the drivers and menu opportunities with plant-based seafood



Worth Its Salt
Modern approaches allow this essential ingredient to take center stage
Signature Salts
House-made or proprietary signature salts can go a long way in differentiating a brand
Five Easy Ways to Get Salty
Chefs offer up creative flavor builders


Hand Pies

Flavor In Hand
Savory hand pies are answering today’s call for comfort and portability
A Delicious Direction
Don’t underestimate the hand pie’s big potential
Ingredients for flavor differentiation in hand pies



Going Bananas
Chefs are discovering a flavor system ripe for success
Sweet Swaps
Menu transformations with iconic banana dishes
Banana Takes on Beverages
Beverages are a ripe format for banana-infused inspirations


Cold Coffee

Cold Front
Level up your beverage menu with these cool coffee trends
Mindful Moves
Thought-starters for expanding cold-coffee programs
Coffee Contemplation
Quick insights and strategies on cold coffee