Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development




By Robert Danhi
January 14, 2022


Menu developers can create exciting new builds by updating the flavors and forms of iconic banana dishes. Ingredients, components and flavor profile swaps are easy to implement while injecting a measure of intrigue sure to attract attention. Here are three examples:


About The Author


ROBERT DANHI is Curator of Cultures and Co-Founder & CIO of Flavor360 Solutions. As a 35-year veteran and thought leader in the F&B industry, Robert funneled his deep knowledge, passion and expertise into co-founding the Flavor360 software platform, a suite of mobile apps and interactive R&D database. Flavor360 Solutions partners with F&B organizations’ R&D, innovation, sales and marketing teams to increase speed-to-market, improve data quality and deliver on consumer expectations. Robert has worked as a restaurant chef, chef-instructor at the CIA and as a consultant for 10 Fortune 500 companies. He is also a James Beard award-winning Southeast Asian cookbook author, host of “Taste of Vietnam,” a 26-episode TV docuseries broadcast globally, and a judge on every episode of Top Chef Vietnam. [email protected]