Modern Chinese

Found in Translation
Chefs are taking Chinese-American food in unexpected, new directions
General Tso's Broad Reach
Creative interpretations of the Millennial favorite
Trend Insights: Modern Chinese
Why Chinese fare presents big menu opportunity



In the Weeds
Chefs discover seaweed’s depth of character and leverage its adaptability
Seaweed Starters
Seaweed menu creative thought starters
Trend Insights: Seaweed
Understanding the rising tide behind seaweed



Immunity On the Menu
Rocketing consumer demand inspires creative flavor development in both food and beverage
Top 10 Immunity Boosting Foods
10 foods consumers believe could help boost immunity and/or strengthen recovery
Trend Insights: Immunity
Culinary insights on immunity



Pimento Makes a Play
This Southern staple makes a strong case as the new American cheese
Optimizing Pimento Cheese
Pimento cheese can be a workhorse SKU used across the menu and across dayparts
Trend Insights: Pimento
Culinary insights highlighting pimento’s menu play



Bread Love
Propelled by a number of strong drivers, bread is making a comeback
Freshly Baked
New ingredients and ancient techniques
Trend Insights: Bread
Opportunities and insights into bread on the menu



The Sandwich Revolution
Elevated handhelds take the lead in creative menu development
5 Paths to Sandwich Sophistication
Some of the most exciting flavor innovation today is being sandwiched between two slices of bread
Trend Insights: Sandwiches
Menu opportunities for modern sandwiches


Easy Bake

Easy Bake
Flavor-driven take-home bakes are a perfect fit for today’s menus
5 Takes on Bakes
Take and bakes build revenue and ease back-of-house prep
Trend Insights: Bakes
Culinary insights into the take-and-bake trend


Plant-based Milks

Making a Splash
An array of dairy alternatives broaden their scope for today’s menus
Plant-based Evolution
Expect to see growth in culinary products formulated for chefs seeking a thicker and richer dairy experience
Trend Insights: Plant-based Milks
Insights and opportunities with plant-based dairy alternatives


Thai Iced Tea

Tea it Up
The elements of Thai tea emerge as a fun and versatile flavor system
Strong & Sweet
How Thai tea delivers on the flavor experience
Trend Insights: Thai Tea
Insights and opportunities with Thai tea


Hard Seltzer

Hit Refresh
Innovation in the hard seltzer world is moving at lightning speed
Refreshing Simplicity
It’s a smart strategy to add something to make your canned seltzer offerings unique or special
Trend Insights: Hard Seltzer
Insights and opportunities with hard seltzer