Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development




By Flavor & The Menu Contributors
January 13, 2021


The resurgence of home-style, open-fire, hearth cooking, paying homage to artisan baking and a celebration of flour, water, yeast and sprouted grains has conjured up a rebirth of craft breads. The opportunities that this trend brings have never gone away; we’ve just been looking for alternatives over the past decade.

There is nothing in the food world that has the kind of hold on people that bread has. A slice of handcrafted artisan bread with creamy butter is a primal experience that evokes emotions and memories. The interest and willingness of consumers to taste and learn about great bread continues to fuel bread excitement.

Bread is one of the original ways to whet one’s appetite, and good bread service signals warmth and hospitality. Offer a choice of compound butters or dipping oils to accompany, along with fresh seasonal toppings, such as a sprinkle of cheese or nutritional yeast, or a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

More people experimenting with bread at home have significantly increased awareness of quality, which has opened opportunities for foodservice operators. Now is the time to highlight the artisanal quality you currently provide or explore options to level up.