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By Flavor & The Menu Contributors
January 13, 2021


Try Thai iced tea spiked with bourbon or spiced rum. Add pineapple or passionfruit for fruity, exotic flavors that naturally fit with the cream and spice.

With the popularity of bubble tea and Vietnamese coffee spreading beyond urban consumers, Thai tea will likely find the same fan base.

Thai tea is very Instagrammable and holds the opportunity to make a statement with a slow-blending pour of milk to get that waterfall effect. Using alternative milks creates a unique entryway for dual trends.

Sparked by cheese tea and milk tea, Thai tea generates a similar excitement. Boldly flavored drinks with a craveable mouthfeel—plus the added appeal from the visual impact—meet the expectations of younger consumers. Consider substituting Thai coconut milk, whole milk or a nut or oat milk, and adjust the sugar level to the preference of your guests.