Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Chris Aquilino
January 13, 2021

Seaweed represents a great marriage of sustainability and culinary best practices. The addition of seaweed to menu items will give operators an array of options for signature flavor with a good backstory. Here are some creative thought starters:

  • Nori- and sesame-crusted salmon
  • Sea lettuce and garlicky chickpea and rice bowl
  • Nori popcorn
  • Nori deviled eggs
  • Seaweed and cabbage slaw
  • Nori, quinoa, pumpkin and sesame seed granola
  • Avocado and wakame salad
  • Seaweed sugar cookies

About The Author


CHRIS AQUILINO started in professional kitchens at age 13 as a dishwasher and worked his way up to the hot line, where he became hooked. While classically trained, he credits much of his culinary knowledge to working alongside some of the most talented Master Chefs and culinary teams in the world. Chris joined Compass Group in 2010 and is now Corporate Executive Chef for Envision Group at Compass Group, where he supports culinary development, innovation and storytelling strategies for the company. He specializes in developing root-to-stem menus, on-trend recipes and plant-forward concepts. As a chef, musician, artist, veggie lover, whole-grain advocate and Food Waste Warrior, he combines his love of culinary creativity, all-natural ingredients and artful presentation to constantly challenge himself and his guests to try something new.