Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
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Zero Zero is an Italian sandwich shop that’s easy to find amongst the narrow cobblestoned streets of Amsterdam—just look for the long line of customers snaking around the building. It’s worth the wait. The sandwiches are served on schiacciata, an Italian flatbread similar to focaccia but thin and chewy instead of spongy and tall. The San Daniele (pictured left) is layered with ham, stracciatella and Parmigiano-Reggiano D.O.P 24+, black pepper and extra-virgin olive oil. It gets a surprising flavor punch from mint-marinated zucchini. Other options range from the Capocollo, with mozzarella di bufala, red pesto, rucola and extra-virgin olive oil, to the Piccante, with salame picante, ’nduja, stracciatella, rucola and Parmigiano-Reggiano D.O.P 24+.


Amsterdam’s food scene is diverse and exciting, a cosmopolitan blend of modern Dutch cuisine, European influences and global street foods. The city boasts everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to eclectic sandwich shops, bustling food halls to modern cocktail lounges. It has embraced the plant-forward movement with hip energy and reflects its status as a world-class city with truly inventive mash-ups of globally infused food and beverage.

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Katie Ayoub

Katie Ayoub serves as managing editor of Flavor & The Menu and content strategist for the Flavor Experience, an annual conference geared toward chain operators. She is president of Katie Ayoub & Associates, serving up menu trends expertise, content creation and food & beverage consultancy. Based in Chicago, Katie has been working in foodservice publishing for more than 20 years and part of the Flavor team since 2006. [email protected]