Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
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Flower Burger, a plant-based burger chain based in Milan, has tapped into the colored bun trend using plant-derived colors. We sampled a unique offering called the Smoky Butterfly, featuring a mushroom patty, lettuce, tomato, spiralized carrots, Flower “cheddar,” crunchy onions and smoky sauce. The bun gets its fuschia hue from cherry and beet extracts. With a rainbow of bun colors—including violet (from purple carrot extract), yellow (from turmeric) and a vibrant green (a blend of blue spirulina powder and yellow turmeric)—the colorful handhelds are a major driver behind the brand’s strong appeal among younger consumers, and the color sources support its menu of plant-based offerings.


Amsterdam’s food scene is diverse and exciting, a cosmopolitan blend of modern Dutch cuisine, European influences and global street foods. The city boasts everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to eclectic sandwich shops, bustling food halls to modern cocktail lounges. It has embraced the plant-forward movement with hip energy and reflects its status as a world-class city with truly inventive mash-ups of globally infused food and beverage.

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