Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
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“My family and I have made it a priority to visit Europe on an annual basis. Every year I come home with new ways to translate ingredients stateside. During a recent trip to Paris, we tried a dozen delicious versions of the humble deviled egg or oeuf mayonnaise. Unpretentious, perfectly boiled eggs with a generous dollop of housemade mayonnaise or aïoli can be a special accompaniment for a curated cocktail menu. Our favorite was one that we went out of our way for: the Oeufs du Diable at Le Mary Celeste. Made with puffed rice and pickled red onion, it was well worth the trip. Eggs are a great vehicle for showcasing both simple and spectacular ingredients. After so many sourcing issues with eggs here in the States, we’re delighted they’re back, ready to be spotlighted as a welcome, attainable, even elegant ingredient.”

—Melodie Beal, Head of Culinary Development, Amazon Fresh Private Brands, based in Seattle

In the first half of a two-part Flavor Discovery series, chefs share unique ingredients and concepts inspiring their culinary creativity.


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