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By Flavor & The Menu
July 7, 2021

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Fresh blueberries bring a lot to both the savory and sweet side of the menu, thanks to their naturally sweet-tart flavor, beautiful color and superfruit status. But with just a simple quick pickle, the blueberry can add memorable impact to elevating a dish with its bright acidity and delighting guests with an intriguing flavor profile of a beloved ingredient.

From a product usage perspective, quick pickling is a savvy technique that helps extend the fresh blueberries’ shelf life. Once the berries are a few days past their prime and are perhaps drying out a little, quick pickling re-plumps the blueberries and gives them a new lease on life with all-new menu possibilities. Read on for inspiration.

Creative Flavor Pairings

Just a few flavor add-ins take pickled blueberries in a multitude of different trend-forward menu directions:

Bloody Mary garnish: Pickled blueberries + rosemary + thyme + bay leaves + black peppercorns
Fried rice inclusion: Pickled blueberries + lemongrass + ginger + miso
Taco topper: Pickled blueberries + ancho chile + cloves + tamarind
Middle Eastern braise: Pickled blueberries + preserved lemon + sumac

How to Maximize Pickled Blueberries

  • Use in place of citrus fruits or vinegars to add sweet and tangy notes to a sauce
  • Rough chop into a chutney, then spread onto a handheld or spoon over grilled meats
  • Incorporate into salads, slaws, salsas and pasta salads to add a contrasting hit of color and tartness
  • Muddle them for cocktails to put a modern twist on drinks like the mojito or whiskey smash
  • Strain the pickling liquid and blend with extra-virgin olive oil to make a blueberry vinaigrette
  • Top hummus, dips and soft cheeses with a pickled blueberry compote

For these ideas and more blueberry inspiration, visit blueberry.org/foodservice.


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