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The juxtaposition of “beef” and “lollipop” may sound odd, but it’s an apt moniker for the sweet-and-savory skewer at Sunda New Asian. The concept pulls ingredients and flavor profiles from cultures and cuisines across Southeast Asia. “Our Beef Lollipops draw inspiration from the vibrant street cuisine of Asia and are a great example of New Asian cuisine,” says Executive Chef Mike Morales.

The dish opts for New York strip steak rather than the typical top sirloin, which brings a richer flavor and more luscious mouthfeel. Lemongrass, ginger, sugar and white vinegar temper this decadence and layer in flavor.

“We start with thinly sliced New York strip, expertly wrapped around lemongrass. As the dish cooks, the lemongrass infuses the beef with its aromatic essence, elevating the flavor profile,” Morales says. “A finishing touch of ginger-soy glaze adds a tantalizing sweet-and-savory note.”

The resulting “lollipops” are as much a feast for the eyes as for the mouth—and patrons agree. “This was a dish on our opening menu 15 years ago and has remained popular with our guests ever since,” he says.


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