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January 20, 2021

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Consumers will continue to be wary of dining inside restaurants until vaccinations are widespread and government restrictions on restaurants are lifted according to consumer surveys by Datassential. That makes portion control condiments a continued necessity to enhance take-out and delivery offerings for 2021.

Texas Pete® PC 7g packets have been the go-to brand of national and regional chains throughout the pandemic. According to NPD, Texas Pete® is the number one brand of PC hot sauce in America.

Two important factors are driving the growth. As the pandemic has driven customers toward take out, the desire to customize their meal has increased. Combined with continued growth in menus touting “spicy” in a description (now at 72% overall and 82% among casual restaurants**), customers expect some kick in their ordered items. Today, 40% of consumers say that they use hot sauce on a meal at least once a week and 24% say that they are using more hot sauce than they did a year ago. Among Gen Z and Millennial customers, nearly a quarter say, ‘the spicier the better***. Furthermore, 50% say they use that hot sauce via a restaurant dining occasion***.

Pairing a hot sauce with the right cuisine can also offer an operator a competitive edge. When asked what cuisine they are craving the most during the pandemic, the resounding reply was Mexican and Asian foods*. That is why demand for ¡SABOR! by Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce and CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce has grown along with the company’s most popular product, Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce in 7g packets.

Datassential asked operators about their condiment purchases and discovered sriracha, buffalo wing sauce, and hot sauce were the three leading condiments seeing increased orders, significantly ahead of items such as ranch dressing and mayo***.

The demand for take-out, drive thru, and delivery will remain at a much higher level than before. Cherished dine-in occasions will increase, yet pandemic consumer affinities for portion control condiments will likewise remain.

For more information on other Texas Pete® sauces and menu ideas, visit TexasPeteFoodservice.com.

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