Picture for Pasta Tells a Story…With Chef Leonardo Maurelli III
Pasta serves as the familiar base in each of these innovative, flavorful dishes.
Picture for Crowning Touch: Tagliatelle
Indaco | Based in Charleston, S.C.
Picture for Tail of Whimsy: Vestry Cheesecake
Vestry | New York
Picture for Seafood Special: Spaghetti with Blue Crab
Vestal | Lafayette, La.
Picture for Spanish Comfort: Rossejat De Fideos
Comedor | Laguna Beach, Calif.
Picture for Soup for the Soul: French Onion Agnolotti
Church & Union | Nashville, Tenn.
Picture for Roman Expansion: Mezze Maniche al Sugo di Manzo
Testaccio | Chicago
Picture for Chicken Liver and Spring Pea Ravioli Doppio
Chicken Liver And Spring Pea Ravioli Doppio with Marsala, Vidalia onions, mint, ricotta, egg, Parmigiano-Reggiano and a butter-basil-pine nut sauce
Picture for Sweet & Spicy Braised Short Rib Noodles
Sweet & Spicy Braised Short Rib Noodles with seasonal vegetables and pickled peppers.
Picture for Lamb Mac n Cheese
Lamb Mac with shallot cream sauce, ancho barbecue sauce, goat cheese, fontina and roasted poblanos.
Picture for Creamy Mac & Cheese
Creamy Mac & Cheese: Cavatappi, cheddar, fontina, Gruyère and ricotta salata.
Picture for Pasta With Truffles
Pasta with Truffles: Pappardelle, butter and Italian black truffles.
Picture for Japanese Sweet Potato Agnlolotti
Japanese Sweet Potato Agnolotti with Parmesan sauce, tonka beans, matsutake, Brussels sprouts and pickled red kuri squash.
Picture for Oregon Hazelnut “Cacio e Pepe”
Oregon Hazelnut: “Cacio e Pepe” with crispy sage.
Picture for Seasonal Gnocchi
Seasonal Gnocchi with morels, ramps, fava beans and fresh mint
Picture for Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheese: duck confit, housemade pasta, Gruyère, Grana Padano and breadcrumbs.
Picture for Deep Dish Cauliflower Lasagna
Deep Dish Cauliflower Lasagna with housemade tomato-garlic sauce and mozzarella.
Picture for Australian Lamb Ragù over Ricotta Gnocchi
Australian Lamb Ragù over Ricotta Gnocchi with pickled cherry tomato-celery leaf salad.
Picture for Pasta: The Shape of Things
Pasta’s storied traditions lead to richer menu narratives
Picture for Jinya Tonkotsu Black
Thin ramen noodles, pork-based broth, pork chashu, kikurage, seasoned egg, spicy sauce
Picture for Paleo Spaghetti Squash Bolognese
Spaghetti squash “noodles,” marinara sauce with chipotle pepper, roasted vegetables, ground beef
Picture for Fermented Jalapeño Farfalle
Fermented Jalapeño Farfalle with chickpea-miso compound butter, country ham, fresh corn
Picture for Redneck Lo Mein
Lo mein, smoked chicken, collard greens, corn, black-eyed peas, caramelized onion, andouille-soy glaze
Picture for Gnudi al Tartufo Nero
Gnudi with spinach, brown butter, toasted sage, Parmigiano-Reggiano, black truffle, chanterelles
Picture for Pimento Mac & Cheese Sandwich
Pimento mac and cheese, tomato, bacon bits, buttermilk cheddar, sourdough
Picture for Short Rib and Taleggio Lasagna
Short Rib & Taleggio Lasagna with béchamel, Savoy cabbage and caramelized onions
Picture for Kimchi Carbonara
Kimchi Carbonara: udon, kimchi cream, Spam crumbs, green onions, sunny-side-up egg, pea tendrils
Picture for Eastern Med Pasta
A classic plant-forward dish from the Levant is paired with pasta for modern comfort.
Picture for The Flavors of Mise
The recent Mise Conference presented valuable and relevant content and showcased a number of creative and memorable food and beverage items that translate to on-trend opportunities. Here are four flavor-forward takeaways from the event.
Picture for Pasta's Next Move
Chefs are looking at pasta as a platform for creative menu development. Here are five emerging opportunities that help position pasta as trend-forward, while never losing its inherent charm and likability.
Picture for 5 Pasta Hits
Chefs are featuring pasta in unexpected, flavor-forward ways—and their guests are loving it.
Picture for Smooth As Silk
Better Half offers its Silk Handkerchief Pasta: Hand-rolled pasta, garlic-porcini cream, wild mushrooms, tomato marmalade, Cotija, snow pea shoots
Picture for Lobster Luxe
Nico Osteria offers a Lobster Spaghetti Pasta infused with lobster roe, blanched lobster meat, lobster miso sauce, guanciale and spring onion
Picture for Ceviche Strike
Pinstripes offers Gnocchi & Ahi Tuna: Seared ricotta gnocchi in garlic butter and Parmesan, with fresh tuna and Calabrese vinaigrette
Picture for A Choux In
Little Bird Bistro offers a Tarragon Goat Cheese Gnocchi made with pâte à choux, served with tarragon, Banyuls cream, golden beets, garlic-lemon pistachios, egg-yolk shavings
Picture for Modern Nostalgia
Square Meal At Hotel Revival offers a Local Mustard Greens Agnolotti with pot liquor and spicy bread crumbs
Picture for Pheasant Run
Vivere offers an Agnolottini Di Fagiano: Pillow-shaped pheasant-filled pasta, butter, sage, Parmigiano-Reggiano
Picture for Pesto Change-O
Bella Gioia offers a Tumminia made from burnt durum wheat flour, with pesto alla trapanese, featuring cherry tomatoes and almonds
Picture for Flavor in Focus: Pasta Perfection
Today’s comfort pasta dishes show off craveable, modern flavor builds
Picture for Italian Comfort Combo
Lago's Gnocchi Carbonara offers housemade gnocchi, pancetta, peas, cream, egg yolk, black pepper
Picture for Dramatic Flavor
Le Petit Paris's flambeéd black truffle pasta - black truffle pasta flambéd in cognac in a parmesan cheese wheel, topped with fresh truffles.
Picture for Toasted Almond Gnocchi with Braised Chicken Thighs and Rapini