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Dramatic Flavor Best of Flavor 2017

Flambéed Black Truffle Pasta - Black truffle pasta flambéed in Cognac in a Parmesan cheese wheel, topped with fresh truffles
 Baptiste Grellier

Baptiste Grellier

The signature dish at Le Petit Paris, a French brasserie, is a star on both Instagram and Facebook. Millions have viewed the video of the dramatic tableside presentation of the Flambéed Black Truffle Pasta.

The buildup begins when Baptiste Grellier, Executive Chef, prepares a truffle cream sauce, which is used as the base for the pasta sauce. The Parmesan cheese wheel is flambéed with Cognac, then the pasta is tossed in, creating a decadent layer of creamy cheese. Finally, the dish is topped with slices of fresh truffles—usually black truffles from Italy, but sometimes white truffles if they’re in season.

“The success of this dish is mostly due to the fact that it’s executed tableside and makes for a visually dazzling presentation,” says Grellier, who offers the popular pasta during lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. Taking it a step further, Grellier says the restaurant has begun offering the dish served with lobster or shrimp.

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