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Modern Nostalgia Best of Flavor 2018 | Square Meal At Hotel Revival | Local Mustard Greens Agnolotti

Square Meal At Hotel Revival offers a Local Mustard Greens Agnolotti with pot liquor and spicy bread crumbs

Best of Flavor 2018
Nostalgia inspires. It definitely inspired Wilbur Cox, Executive Chef of Square Meal, to develop the Local Mustard Greens Agnolotti. At this restaurant located inside Hotel Revival, the agnolotti harkens back to Cox’s Southern upbringing.

“This dish is inspired by having braised greens with my family as a child in rural North Carolina,” says Cox. “The flavors all relate to those found in a bowl of greens, but presented in a vegetable-forward, modern way.”

Local goat ricotta and a purée of mustard greens are stuffed inside the pasta. As a child, Cox ate braised greens with hot sauce and a “liquor” of vinegar, ham hocks and vegetable stock. Here, Cox uses those flavors to make a soupy sauce for the agnolotti. Spicy bread crumbs top the plate for extra flavor and texture, completing a creative update on a classic Southern dish.


Wilbur Cox


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