Picture for Signature Flavor: Shawarma Show
Combined with the functional benefits of the traditional spices—turmeric, clove, fenugreek and cinnamon—this potato-based take on the shawarma can boast better-for-you benefits—as well as showstopping creativity
Picture for Flavor Find: World Bites
There’s a precision to the global mash-up at Nahita in Boston, where the pantry pulls strategically from Peru, Japan, Mexico and Turkey, staying true to authentic ingredients while combining them in new and intriguing ways.
Picture for On-trend: Tacos 3.0
With tacos, anything goes today. We’re seeing seriously inventive takes on classic proteins, while on the plant-based side, chefs are moving well beyond the perfunctory veggie taco.
Picture for The Beauty of Buñuelos
Look southward for the next big thing in dessert texture—buñuelos. Here are four opportunities to showcase buñuelos in trend-forward dessert applications.
Picture for Ramen Phenomenon
Ramen is on the rise, with ramen menu mentions up 46 percent over the last four years. We bring you ways to play with ramen textures, ramen-inspired cocktails, Ramyun, and global ramen mash-ups to inspire.
Picture for Three Menu-Ready Regions in Mexico
Differentiate your menu with creative takes on authentic regional dishes of Mexico.
Picture for Mole Makes Moves
Chefs are discovering mole's potential, leveraging its earthy, rich blend of nuts, warm spices, chiles and more
Picture for Shakshuka Heats Up
The General Public offers Shakshuka with crushed tomato, cayenne, toasted cumin, smoked paprika, soft poached eggs and buttered baguette
Picture for An Ode To Carrots
The Lakehouse offers Moroccan Spice Roasted Carrots with rich yogurt, chiles, almonds and mint
Picture for Flavor Find: Mole's Magic
The array of moles, served on a wooden platter with rice, demonstrates the menu potential of this craveable sauce.
Picture for Sweet Indian Mash-ups
In Indian mash-ups, subtle moves show up as a gentle touch, an easing in of flavor. The result is significant, offering delicious flavor discovery
Picture for Trends 2018 Case Study
This Ras el Hanout Hummus Bowl with Sockeye Salmon showcases some of today’s biggest trends
Picture for Flavors of the Eastern Med and India
Greek yogurt helps foodservice operators leverage the assertive flavors of India and the Eastern Mediterranean.
Picture for 10 Modern Menu Applications for Yogurt
Ideas and inspiration for how to use yogurt creatively in your menus.
Picture for Boost Brunch with Spicy Yogurt
Spicy yogurt brings a cool kick to the brunch menu. Here are four easy ways with chilaquiles, hash browns, yogurt bowls and pancakes.
Picture for 5 Ideas for Sorghum
Sorghum is finally going national. Here are five ways to feature it on your menu.
Picture for 7 Yogurt Add-Ins
Try these add-ins to keep this condiment on the cutting edge.
Picture for Passage to India
Indian food is catching fire this year. Approachability is everything. With diners game for the next flavor frontier, Indian mash-ups are poised to offer a differentiating thrill.
Picture for 8 Ways to Indian Inspiration
Take an Indian national dish, major flavor or technique as inspiration, and craft that into a new form or flavor that works on your menu and with your consumer target.
Picture for New-fashioned Falafel
Traditional falafel dishes are evolving - here are four new formats to consider
Picture for 5 Emerging Global Protein Flavors
Global protein treatments with on-trend opportunity and complex, craveable flavor
Picture for 12 Expanding Flavor Systems
Extend the flavor stories behind some of the most craveable and successful profiles today
Picture for Umami On Top
Chefs are exploring the menu potential of furikake and togarashi, two high-impact finishes
Picture for From South Carolina to South America
Picture for 12 Emerging Global Flavors
Picture for Middle Eastern Momentum
Picture for Indian Intel
Contemporary touches are creating renewed interest in Indian cuisine
Picture for India Emerging
Picture for Mexican Makes Moves
Picture for Italian Renaissance
Picture for Sriracha and Beyond
Where did this sauce come from, and where is it headed?
Picture for Looking to the East
Picture for The Promise of Poutine
Poutine has become ubiquitous, offering a craveable platform for customization
Picture for Japanese on the Rise
Picture for Modern German
Picture for Fast & Fresh Italian
Picture for ¡QUÉ RICO!
Picture for Street-Level Trend Tracking, Part 2
Ongoing research reveals inspired ingredient and flavor innovation—with a sweet finish
Picture for A New World of Protein
The next generation of global inspiration brings big, diverse flavors to protein dishes
Picture for Trend-Setters
Nationwide flavor trends get their start at emerging regional chains
Picture for Proudly Piemontese
Regional Italian food and drink at its best can be found in the traditions of the Piedmont region
Picture for Gateway to Global
Accessible flavors and comforting dishes bring “new” global cuisines closer to home
Picture for Flavor with an Accent
Growing Hispanic and Asian populations make their mark on today’s American menus
Picture for Savory Pancakes
Picture for Get Real
Picture for Flatbreads & Fillings
Picture for Venezuelan Cachapas
Picture for Ancient Spices, Future Flavors
Picture for The Rebirth of Fusion
Picture for Modern Flavor Migration
Picture for Protein with a Passport
Picture for New World of Flavors
Picture for New York: The Forefront of Flavor
Picture for Fusion Takes Hold
Picture for Global Flavor Sense
Picture for Latin Libations
Picture for World Casual
Picture for Meats From Afar
Picture for Flavors of the Arab East
Picture for Stews The World Over
Picture for Icy Delights of the Americas
Picture for The Flavor-ability of Italy
Picture for Japan