Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

January-February Top 10 Trends 2019

January-February Top 10 Trends 2019

Jan-Feb 2019 Top 10 Trends cover

Global bar bites, Instagram hits, mac & cheese, smoke, Lent lessons, trending sauces and cereal. Yes. Cereal.

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Stories in this Issue

6.French Evolution

New restaurants are popping up, celebrated for their creative approach that combines French technique with American ingenuity. Less about bold mash-up and more about sublime interpretation, the modern French trend opens up a new world.

9.Play Dough

Thrilling new variations bring classic, flaky pastries into modern menu development

16.Bing Bling

The bing is a reminder to develop memorable handhelds that are popping with layered flavor, varying and distinct textures and solid value

21.Pick Your Palette

Flatbreads offer huge versatility—find your “native” flatbread and top it with your ingredients from the season

26.Perfect Porridge

Porridge + Puffs in Los Angeles creates explosively flavorful porridge bowls that feature elaborate layers of ingredients