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The Topper with Texture Egg toppers increase the flavor, variety and perceived value of dishes, and the yolk provides an additional “sauce”

The crispy Thai Fried Egg is presenting indulgent opportunities.
Egg toppers continue to be extremely popular with dining consumers, so operators should not adopt a “been there, done that” attitude about them. They increase the flavor, variety and perceived value of dishes, and the yolk provides an additional “sauce.”

A variation of the egg topper we are increasingly seeing is the Thai fried egg, which is cooked in a pan or wok containing a pool of very hot oil. The egg floats on the oil as it is cooking, allowing the yolk to remain liquid while the bottom fries to a crispy crunch.

The Thai fried egg can add textural interest to a variety of handheld and bowl-based dishes, a personal favorite being The Rogue breakfast sandwich at Chimney Coffee House in Los Angeles, an egg-on-egg treatment featuring a soft scramble topped with truffled pork sausage, a toasted cheddar frico and yuzu mayo, crowned with a crisp Thai fried egg.

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